[Australia Alert] DHA has Revised the Required Eligibility Points!

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has revised the minimum required points to 65, instead of 60. The following change will be applicable from the 1st of July 2018. It means after this date, all the EOI (Expression of Interest) applications need to have a minimum score of 65 points to enter the pool.

This change will be applicable to the following visa sub-classes:

1. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

2. Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

3. Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

There is also a change in the fee structure for Australia migration from the beginning of the new migration year i.e. 1st July 2018.  Click here to Know More!

In Detail:

DHA has made this change by considering the high-level interest among the immigrants on skilled migration to Australia. And it is not surprising as the country has shown an immense economic growth over the years. Furthermore, Australian economy has not suffered from any recession for more than a quarter-century.

Therefore the government is putting efforts to attract and retain high caliber applicants who express their interest in the General Skilled Migration program and can highly contribute to the country’s labor market. Then again, it is not surprising for Australia or any country to increase the eligibility requirements.

On a brighter side, Australia does understand that immigrants are the influencers of the country’s industrial and economic growth. Because the primary reason why a country invests in immigration is to replenish the resources, skills that they can’t harness  only from their own citizens.

In this subject, Peter Dutton (Member of the Australian House of Representatives), once mentioned :

“If people are coming to work here, to bring money, to set up a business, to employ Australians. If they’re going to ­contribute to the economy and integrate well into our community, then we do welcome them and we’ve done that for a long period of time.”

Looking At The Current Scenario, How Can We Help You?

As per the past records, if the minimum required points for a skilled migration visa is 65 today, there is a high chance that the cut-off may range up to 70-75 points or even to 80. And we understand it may not be easy for to obtain such score. But it is not impossible.

That is why we are here. Since the announcement of the news, our immigration experts are busy in devising the multiple pathways to increase your scores; to make sure that your EOI application passes smoothly in the pool, and you receive an invitation from DHA.

Not sure about your Eligibility?

Check Your Eligibility For Express Entry

Here are some eligibility factors that will help you to increase the points:

1. Partner Skill Assessment

The proof of your partner’s skills can reward you with additional five points if he/she is able to qualify the basic requirements (Age, English language, education, occupation etc). It means, to claim the points, you must provide the evidence that your partner is meeting the basic requirements for the Skilled Migration visa for which you are the main applicant.

2. Increasing Your PTE or IELTS Scores

As you know, most of the Australian Skilled Migration visa require the applicants to meet the English language requirements.

In this scenario, aiming for a high score (Proficient or Superior level proficiency) in the English language tests (PTE OR IELTS) would be the best option to increase your overall eligibility points for Australia. Click to Read more- [Australia Visa] Which English Language Test Should I Take?

It’s no secret that the Immigration industry is prone to changes under the Government regulations. You never know which policy or bill is going to change the fate of your application. Time is running out! If Australia has the requirement of your skills NOW, you should apply while they require it.

As always we are here to help you. Our immigration consultants will do their best to make your dream come true. As your immigration partner we are not giving up on your profile just because of the increase in Eligibility points, we still have strategies to make sure you get your Australian visa in hands.

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