Australia Occupation Ceiling and SkillSelect Update 2017-18

The table below summarises the following for pro rata occupations (in Australia):

  • Points required for the two invitation rounds in July 2017
  • Points required in the 2016-17 program year
  • Percentage change in the occupation ceiling between 2016-17 and 2017-18
  • Likely points required for a 189 invitation in the 2017-18 program year

It’s impossible to give any certainty on the points required for an invitation. This is just a prediction based on the occupation ceilings and number of EOI lodgements remaining stable.

OccupationJuly 2017 Points2016-17 PointsChange in Ceiling
2211 Accountants757091.4% Increase
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers75706.1% Decrease
2334 Electronics Engineers7065No Change
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers7060-6541.5% Increase
2339 Other Engineering Professionals7060-65No Change
2611 ICT Business and Systems Analysts75656.2% Increase
2613 Software and Applications Programmers70659.5% Increase
2631 Computer Network Professionals7060-657.6% Decrease

Longer Processing Times for General Skilled Migration 

Processing times are updated now. For General Skilled Migration, the Department of Immigration is indicating a processing time of 6-11 months. This is longer than the previous cases. But allocation dates would seem to indicate that applications are being allocated quite quickly. It appears that processing itself has slowed down, and this is likely due to numbers for the 2016-17 filling up early.

Application Type75% finalised within90% finalised within
Skilled Independent Subclass 1898 months11 months
Skilled Nominated Subclass 1909 months13 months
489 - State Nominated8 months14 months
489 - Family Sponsored6 months9 months
485 - Post-Study Work79 days4 months
485 - Graduate Work4 months4 months

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