Law of Immigration: If you delay, you lose…look what is happening to Indians in the US

In the year 1892 Annie Moore crossed the Atlantic and became the first immigrant to set foot in America through federal immigrant inspection; in the year 1960 waves of European fled to the US seeking cultural independence. In more or less words, US has always been a country of immigrants. And the American history has been shaped by immigrants who introduced change in the flow of culture, society, and technology.

However, the time has changed … Drastically!

Buy American, Hire American

The current U.S. president Donald Trump’s initiation to strengthen the country’s immigration policies created controversies and fear among the immigrants, who are no less American than anyone else living there.

Put American workers first- a nation that doesn’t serve its own citizen is not a nation…

Trump debated– the decades of immigration intake has destroyed the economy of American middle class. The foreign workers hold down salaries leading to a high unemployment. It not only affects the poor and working-class Americans but also the immigrants themselves and their children to earn a middle-class wage.

To stand by his words, Trump proposed a bill that would force lakhs of Indian skilled workers to depart from the US.

Trump administration declared to close the extension of H1B visa of those waiting for permanent residency or green card. He also challenged Obama government’s initiation on allowing spouses of H-1B visa-holders to take up jobs in the US. The proposal, circulated in the form of an internal memo by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Are you scared? But you need not to be. At least for now!

On 8th March 2018, Trump administration announced that they were not considering a regulatory change that could force deportation of H1B visa holders.

This announcement brought a breath of fresh air among the Indian immigrants and their families (around 7 Lakhs) who were at risk of deportation.

Let’s take a look at each of the lessons we learned from this:

At the heart of the matter lies a common understanding that we can all share. The fact that we want you to understand– deportations like this creates an imbalance in the job market and fuels competition!

Just imagine, 7 lakhs of Indian qualified immigrants with international exposure depart the US and come back to work in India or look for other Immigrant-friendly destinations. Don’t you think there would be a snatching of opportunities between the new immigrants and the older ones? Also, we shouldn’t forget the native skilled workers.

On the other hand, Canada is opening its doors to another one million new immigrants by 2020. This over-achieving target has been set by the Canadian Federal Government as part of a multi-year immigration plan. Targets of the economic categories including Express entry will keep increasing over these years. Why there is such difference in both countries? If we look at history, US was as immigrant-friendly as Canada is today.

Let’s be clear, In the zero-sum game of immigration, there is no fight between good and evil. It is all about a country’s capability to provide resources. That is why most of the European countries do not consider immigration as part of their development. But in Canada, they have a requirement. They have big shortages of Skilled workers, and they need skilled people like you to fill these jobs. Only considering the IT sector, the Canadian IT labor market declared that Canada needs 182,000 IT professionals by 2019!
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Why should you listen to us?

Time is running out! Immigration is an industry that is susceptible to change under Government regulations. You never know which policy or bill is going to change your entire life plan.

So, Trump govt’s attempt of changing the policies is not something uncommon. As we are a part of the immigration industry, we know better than anyone else that the rules in immigration change faster than the seasons. Do you still wish to delay your application, when the opportunity is already knocking at your door?

We had many applicants tell us to close their opportunity for Canada simply because they got a temporary H1-B visa. Now when Trump is turning against temporary workers, they are calling us for Canada. And some are simply no longer eligible – that is why don’t close the door to these opportunities whilst you have them.

On this subject, our MD. Stacy Fletcher says,

No country wraps their Immigration rules around you. It means the country doesn’t bend their rules as per your convenience. If they require your skill NOW apply while they require it. What makes you think they will not remove the opportunity from you once their skill need is met?

Why does the visa process take a long time? Getting a Permanent Residency to Canada or any other country will entitle you to be a PERMANENT resident of the country. Good end results require a proper preparation and time investment. Have patience and let’s focus on the end result at all times. 

Why do we charge so much? Why can’t we give discounts?

In this industry you want RESULTS. You do not need the cheapest rather you want the best. Every day we get calls from customers who decided to use cheap visa services and ended up NOWHERE. Therefore Don’t be fooled by a price tag, be wowed by results. You’ll forget our fee long after you are living and working in abroad, earning western salaries!

If you are serious about living and working abroad, do not delay. This is a high time for you to come to us and find your pathways to immigrate.

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