“Welcome home”, says Australia!

Cheers to the prosperity of Australia’s multicultural future!

This is a message to the dreamers who are setting sail to Australia; also to the ones who are already living there — Australian Senate has dismissed the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull’s initiation to strengthen the citizenship laws. Moreover, Tony Burke, the Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Australia voiced

 “If you are eligible I suggest you apply now!”


We must say, the victory has opened many opportunities for individuals who wish to pledge allegiance and commitment to Australia. To begin with, Australia is known to be the most harmonious multicultural country. The reason of embracing immigration to this extent is to encourage the 3Ps (that is Population, Participation, and Productivity). Therefore, the immigrants who come here are treated equally with everyone else. There is no space for discrimination against anyone because of birthplace, language or origin. And they have indeed proved it again by reinstating the below immigration favoured laws:

  • The endless waiting period (a decade or more) to become an Australian citizen will not be implicated in the future.
  • The department of immigration has requested to process all the citizenship applications that have been on a waiting list.
  • The individuals who wish to be a part of Australian community do not need university-level English proficiency as a requirement.
  • Applications received after April 20 would be processed under the existing laws.

Here is the sneak-peek to the Citizenship bill made by Turnbull!

On 20 April 2017, Australia Federal Government lifted the curtain to a new era. A statement released by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull took over the headlines of the world media. Within a spectrum of time, the subject matter got addressed a million times with dissonance or acceptance by all those who touched it.

  • Membership of the Australian family is a privilege and should be granted to those who support the values, respect the laws and want to work hard by integrating and contributing to an even better Australia.
  • Australia would abolish all the temporary work visa and launch a new programme that requires higher level English-language proficiency.
  • If a certain individual fails in the test (for three consecutive times), he is eligible for the retake after a waiting period of two years. In addition, he has to show a minimum permanent residency requirement of four years.
  • To strengthen the citizenship laws Australian govt. will implicate a new value test to demonstrate an individual’s loyalty to Australia.
  • The law also proclaims the citizen has to show the evidence of his involvement with the Australian community (such as employment, education, or membership in any institution.)  

Now let’s be honest. These set of Political Changes would indeed make the immigration process difficult. There are also chances of developing a biased system where citizens are divided into two categories- those who are true citizens, and those who failed to become legal citizens (though they have been living in Australia for quite a long time).

Wrapping up

With all that being said, we urge all the eligible ones to apply now. And if you are not confident about your eligibility for Australia, call us today or submit a query here to get the FREE Assessment with V&P.

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