Why do we always say “you MUST be in the pool”?

The Canadian Express Entry program holds a great prominence by giving opportunities to people who dream of working and living in Canada. This blog highlights the stories/reasons why should you move forward with your application and be in the EE pool as soon as possible.

Story 1  Canada’s First Express Entry Draw for 2018

The time has come! On 10th of Jan 2018, Canada Express Entry opened for the first time in this year. A total of 2,750 candidates with a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 446 received the invitation for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR).

The tie-break rule was implicated in the draw. So, in case of multiple participants with a minimum CRS points, the older applications will be prioritized over the new ones.

Story 2  Saskatchewan Express Entry Opens for 400 Applicants

Well, we all know, more or less about Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) as Saskatchewan being the top destinations in Canada for the immigrants.

Saskatchewan offers immigration to the new Canadian residents who belong to the following three categories– International Skilled worker, Saskatchewan experience category, and Entrepreneur and Farm category.

To simplify the process, the government has again divided the International Skilled Worker category into two sub-categories.

  1. International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand
  2. International Skilled Worker: Saskatchewan Express Entry

Coming to the point of discussion, SINP has opened on the morning of January 10, under the “Express Entry” category (a week after they revised the occupation list). This time they have a threshold of  400 new applications. The applications will be evaluated under first come, first-serve and will remain open until the quota is filled.

Since it is about express entry, you do not have to break a leg over work permit or searching for a connection with the province. As long as you are in the EE pool with the necessary education, work experience, language ability (and … other requirements), Saskatchewan will welcome you with open arms.


  1. To get the invitation, you must submit a complete application with all the required documents or it will be returned and the application fee will not be refunded.
  2. When the application threshold is reached, no further applications will be accepted.

Story 3  SINP Forecast (In-demand Occupation List)

SINP has announced the “In-Demand Occupation List”. Like the phrase suggests, the listed occupations will be in demand over the next five years. And to apply, the applicants need to show professional licenses of the regulated occupations.

Now, this is not what we are much concerned about. The main thing is Saskatchewan’s opening- which doesn’t happen many times in a year. That’s why, unlike any other PNP, the quota gets filled quickly.

You wouldn’t believe, how much our legal team works to get these applications submitted for the provincial nomination. Furthermore, we have many customers who have a great interest to immigrate to Saskatchewan. But it is fine for us to work over day & night because that’s what we are proud of.

Yet it pains us, when any of our clients are not in the EE pool in the meantime and misses the opportunity. Because even if they do call us, we can’t change their fate as it’s not in our hands. That is why, we request, rather than watching from the sidelines (without a valid Express Entry application processing), take our help, jump into the pool.  

Story 4 Revision in the Proof of Funds

On 5th January 2018, IRCC has revised the settlement fund necessary to immigrate to Canada. And introduced 1.4% increase in the required fund.

The IRCC proclaims- the amount is absolutely necessary for the new Canadians to support themselves and their family. And our experts anticipate, there might be another increase in the PR fees in the future. As finance is an important aspect of our life, we suggest not to delay the process anymore.

If you truly want to give yourself and your family the opportunity to immigrate to Canada, act today and Call us now, our experienced global immigration experts will assess your profile for free!

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