13th June 2018 Draw: A New Record in The Number of Invitations!

13th June 2018 welcomes the largest Express Entry Draw of the year (so far).

Yesterday, the Federal government of Canada conducted its 12th Express Entry Draw with a CRS cut-off of 451 but what pleasantly surprised us is the phenomenal number of invitations issued during this round i.e 3750.

Prior to this round of invitations, the highest Express Entry invitation record was 3,500It is a good news for the Canada hopefuls as the quota may increase in the future. Until now, the minimum CRS range was 440- 450. This time IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) increased it to 451. But rest assured, as the CRS will drop within the coming frequent draws.

How Can We Be Confident Of A Cut In CRS?

Looking at EE draw patterns, we can say the CRS score always increases with the delay in draws. Yesterday’s was the 1st round of draw to take place in the month of June. The previous draw was conducted on 23rd of May 2018, as you can notice, there is an interval of 3 weeks  which is longer than the usual time between draws i.e. two weeks.

Once again, the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) implemented the tie-break procedure to select candidates from the EE pool. It means, if you are a candidate with 451 CRS (or more) points and created your profile before July 21, 2017, at 07:01:28 UTC. You are one of the lucky candidates to receive your ITA (Invitation To Apply) in this round of invitation.

In Detail:

IRCC started the year 2018 by inviting 2750 potential migrants to Canada. The number remained constant during the following draws that happened in the initial months of 2018. But things started to take turns from February when IRCC issued 3000 invitations. Then in the month of April, the number of invitations increased to 3500. And now, as you can see it is 3750.

We also expect the CRS draw to drop in the next draw as the highest CRS applicants were invited during this recent draw.

The statistics have proved- there is no doubt that Canada needs immigrants as it is taking actions to carry out the multi-year immigration plan. And we can see the vivid evidence of this plan now.

What should be your action plan?

The Federal government of Canada has three economic programs under which it issues ITAs:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Class
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Class
  3. Canadian Experience Class

If you belong to any of these streams, you must be in the Express Entry pool as soon as possible. Consequently, you will get the CRS points based on your profile information, including your age, education, skills, language, experience etc. Get a Free Assessment of your profile by filling this form!

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Our Success Story In the 13th June 2018 Express Entry Draw:

28 years old Samit started with a CRS Score of 398, but thanks to his perseverance and the support and strategy built by his case manager, Nitu, he improved his score to 475 and got invitation in this round.

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