20 Regions in Ontario Have Urgent Need of Workers. IT, Finance, Manufacturing and Many Occupation Demands are Expected to Rise

Once again there’s an update from the Conference Board of Canada stating that Ontario needs a new regional immigration strategy to attract migrants to various regions of the province. 

In detail: Why Ontario Needs More Skilled Immigrants?

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Toronto, Ontario is as usual flooded with migrants. Every year, a high influx of migrant crowd is seen in the region, causing a demographic imbalance with the other regions of Ontario. 

The report also urges the government that the increasing interest of the provincial capital among the potential migrants is preventing other regions from receiving economic advantages.

What are the Objectives of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?

1. Attracting a skilled workforce and building a stronger economy.

2. Helping newcomers and their families achieve success.

3. Leveraging the global connections of our diverse communities

Board chief economist Pedro Antunes said “We know if we go forward without immigration we’d see a flat-line on the total number of workers in Canada. That would be a very dire picture in terms of being able to support economic growth.” 

Even so, none of these goals will be benefiting if the crowd is not equally distributed. But what’s more terrifying is the exhaustion of resources in Toronto.

Like any other Canadian province, regional markets of Ontario are affected by many factors such as an ageing population, low birth rates, retiring workforce

Along with, experts forecast that there will not be enough new workers to meet the demand unless the province attracts new immigrants.

Regional employers (outside of Toronto) say that jobs are already going unfilled and their businesses are suffering. Most new jobs will require skilled workers and there are just not enough people with the right skills to fill the vacancies. 

Therefore, to get a steady revenue, Ontario must solve the demographic imbalance, which leads to the conclusion of inviting more migrants to every region of Ontario.

What it means to you?

Ontario is a booming industrial hub of Canada. Now, the province needs more economic immigrants who are ready to step into skilled jobs.

Toronto has established itself as one of the top-five tech talent markets in North America, according to CBRE’s annual tech talent survey. But other regions are in no aspect lagging the pace. Aside from IT, real estate, automation, manufacturing, mining, tourism, finance, and various service industries are flourishing across Ontario.

So no matter where you choose to live, you will be entitled to most of the opportunities a regional market has to offer. 

Where will the Immigrants Move, Besides Toronto??

Here are the developed cities of Ontario you need to keep a watch!



London (yeah, there is a London in Canada too :-))











Niagara Falls





Kingston and


As immigrants make up 35% of Ontario’s labour force, a successful selection and integration of immigrants into Ontario’s economy is critical.

In the discussion, the conference board members shed light on all the corners of immigration and what kind of role the local government has to play in distributing the population, evenly.

In supporting the discussion, now, the ministry has decided the steps to improve the program, including expanding the list of eligible occupations.

Yes, you read right! The chance of your profile to be selected by one of the most popular provinces may come true soon. If Ontario includes more occupations in the target list, we will see more draws. 

Ontario also has a reputation for selecting applications without much considering the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score instead it focuses on the applicant’s skill and experience.

Action Plans You Need to Consider

It’s easy to understand why immigrants are drawn to the GTA. The job opportunities, support programs and existing communities of newcomers give the region considerable appeal. But the trend comes with risks as well.

According to the new solutions extended by the board, the above listed areas will attract immigrants and give their best efforts to retain the crowd. Also, there are vast planning of advertisement of the regional communities to get the attention of potential migrants.

As you can see, Ontario is expanding its immigration plan, indirectly it will affect the intake. It is just not about one or two cities, the government wants skilled workers in twenty regions.If this doesn’t seem an opportunity to you, then what would?

Like always, we can discuss it over a call, clear all the grey areas that is stopping you to decide to start the process. But like we mentioned again and again, unless you are in the Express Entry pool (1st step of your visa process), nothing we can achieve.

Considering you are in the pool and yet to get an invitation, have patience. There are opportunities of immigration otherwise we wouldn’t continue to put efforts for your profile to get a PNP nomination. To know more about this update and what other changes we can expect from any province or from the Federal government itself, call us today!

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