Top five reasons to work in Australia

Considering migrating to Australia to work but aren’t sure if it’s the right place for you? Here are five reasons why living and working in this country can improve the quality of your life. 1. Make some serious cash While it’s true that the cost of living in Australia is high, so is the pay. Australian employers offer some of the… More »

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have launched new Canadian immigration streams

The Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have each launched immigration streams to attract foreign skilled workers via the Express Entry system. The great news about these two new Canadian immigration streams is they don’t require a job offer from a Canadian employer in order to apply. Applicants will need to be eligible for at least one of… More »

Canada issues the 50,000th Parent And Grandparent Super Visa

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, has announced that Canada has issued the 50,000th Parent and Grandparent Super Visa. This is a major milestone for this popular immigration program. The Super Visa, launched in December 2011, is 10-year multiple entry visa that enables parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit their family in Canada for… More »

Application fees for most Australian visa types to increase from 1 July 2015

The application fees for most visa types will increase from 1 July 2015. Read on to find out which visas type will become more expensive. Offshore application fees for family migration Currently it costs $4,630 to lodge a Partner Visa offshore versus $6,865 to lodge it in Australia. Starting 1st of July, offshore applicants will pay the same fee as… More »

Academics want a new Australian visa for low-skilled migrant workers

The 457 visa is the most popular route for high-skilled immigrants who wish to live and work in Australia. However, each year the Australian labour market receives a large number of low-skilled temporary migrant workers on other visas including work/ holiday visas as well as student or tourist visas. These foreign workers mostly work in the agriculture and hospitality industries… More »

Changes to Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canada has made several changes to its Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which were implemented on 30th of April. Until now, employers looking to hire foreign workers had to consider whether the wage for the occupation was above or below the provincial media wage, and whether the occupation was high or low skill. Skill levels are identified by their National… More »

Australians strongly support immigration, according to new poll

Nearly nine in ten Australian believe immigrants improve Australian society, according to the annual poll conducted by the Australia National University. The poll found that more than 80% of Aussies believe that immigrants are good for the economy. In addition, the percentage of respondents who think that immigrants take jobs away from Australia-born people has dropped to 29%. In addition,… More »