2018-19 Canada as a Migrant Destination For Indians!

India is the top nation to source immigrants to many countries. And this is not anything new, India has a long history of immigration to countries like U.S, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, European nations, UAE and so on.

Indian migrants are highly attracted to the architecture, software and, manufacturing industries. Our contribution to the development of information technology is widely known. In this matter, we have even surpassed China.

There is no doubt in saying that India is among the world’s top origin countries of migrants. Also, India is the major driver of high skilled immigrants. Why do we say this?

Look around, you will find at least 1 among 5 persons who has a relative, or spouse, or sibling or a child living abroad.

2018-19 Canada as a Migrant Destination!

Every year, Canada uses its open immigration system to attract highly-skilled workers to sustain its innovative economy.

In this regard, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz says, Immigrants, have a key role to play in helping grow the Canadian economy and off-setting the country’s growing shortage of skilled labour. With Canada’s economy hitting its “sweet spot” of rising demand and companies operating at near capacity, this growth is translating into new jobs and escalating job vacancies. None of this highly desirable economic growth can happen unless there are people available to fill the newly created jobs.

In simple words, labour shortage is one of the reasons why Canada will not close its doors for legal migration, at least for now.

However, there are other main reasons for which Canada needs immigrants!

1. Population Growth

Like the United States, Canada’s one-third of the population is made of immigrants. As you can see, immigration contributes to half of the population growth. In this scenario, if  Canada stops immigration, population would decline drastically due to:

– a decrease in birth rates and an increase in the divorce rates

– Increase in the ageing population

The effect of population growth can be positive or negative depending on various circumstances. In the case of Canada, its growing population holds the potential for a great economic development. Because it results in large-scale productions, growth in the labor market and ultimately boosting the national output.

There are many European countries that gained an economic advantage by utilizing this strategy.

2. Replenish the Aging Workforce

Statistics Canada forecast that– without immigration, Canada will see a zero percent population growth in a period of 20 years. Which will arise the following circumstances:

  • The Canadians are reluctant to have more children and the baby boomer generation (a generation whose demographic influence has shaped Canada’s economy and society) will retire in a few years.

  • By the year 2030, the youngest baby boomers will reach 65. It means that 1 in four people in Canada will be at the age of 65 or older.

  • There is no doubt that Canada’s workforce would decline. The industries will face a labour shortage.

  • In reality, every country faces a labor shortage once in a few years. But a large-scale vacancy can be considered as a crisis. And its near to impossible for any government to fill such a huge number from its own citizens.

  • The economy would slow down.

That is why Canada is one of the top nations to admit a large number of immigrants (more than 200,000 in a year). Because they are a major driver of the Canadian workforce as these immigrants are much younger in age and come with their families, which boosts the population.

While we all know that Trump’s reign has closed many US immigration options, Canada is welcoming immigrants with open arms. Many people who had a dream of living in America are flying to Canada as they fear rejection, racism and political interference.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Many foreign countries prefer to hire immigrants instead of the local residents. The most important reason for this is the Skills Mismatch in the labor market. According to a recent report, one-third of Canadian workers do not have jobs matching their skills.

There is also a large number of citizens who are unskilled or moderately skilled. It means they do not have the required skill to be recognized by the employers of Canada.

It is no wonder that the large corporations go all the way to source skilled talents from branches in other countries like India. Obviously, the PR (Permanent Residency) holders seem to be the best option to employ, as well as to save time and money on training.

Therefore the government has established a new multi-year immigration plan to lure more immigrants. We are certain that there will be a high increase in the quotas of the economic programs.

4. Special Skills

Technology is evolving. We are welcoming new innovations every single year, starting from hardware systems to new Android; cloud computing to engineering architecture– the world is changing at a faster pace. The technology disruption is affecting the society, which is an obvious outcome. And Canada is not so far from this reality.

To keep pace with the world economy, the country and the Canadian industries need to be agile and adapt to the new changes. To lead this change, they need the front-line workers who have specialized themselves with the required skill sets. Where would they find such a workforce? That is where Canada or any other country turn their tides towards immigration.

Aside from migrant skilled workers, the entrepreneurs also have a high demand in Canada to boost job creation, investments and support an innovative economy.

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5. Urbanization

Canada is moving through a phase of urbanization. Most of the Provinces and territories are involved in this project.

A majority of the Canadian population is scattered across the big cities like Toronto. The Canadians do not prefer to move as they choose to stay together with family. So there is a lack of mobile workforce, especially in the non-metropolitan areas.

That is why the importance of Provincial Nominee Program has grown considerably in the recent years.

Why Should You Choose Canada?

Canada indeed has a rich ethnicity thanks to the well-managed immigration system that invites immigrants from 190 countries. Did you know this?

It’s truly is an amazing achievement to build such a diversified country. Another place like India, where you can live your dream. Also, Canada is one of the countries that reach out to immigrants to offer help.

After landing, it provides free training programs for jobs and services that would guide immigrants to settle down in the country.

As an Indian, what makes Canada attractive is that– it recognizes the importance of reuniting families and has designed many immigration programs to keep the families together.

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