[Statistics Canada] Find Out How Immigration Has Created More Jobs in The Country

The Government of Canada Reports that The Annual Net Job Growth is Higher Among the Immigrant-owned Firms. These firms create immigrant more jobs than the companies, owned by Canadian born entrepreneurs. The report was based on a ten-year study by Statistics Canada, presented on 24th April 2019. It distinguishes the performance trends of the immigrant business owners who have entered Canada since 1980… More »

[Data & Facts] Australia Migration Trend Over The Years 2008-2018

Australia has a proud history of welcoming immigrants. But the current analysis of migration trends draws a completely different conclusion. There is no longer a labour shortage, at least not in the mega-cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. When needs to increase the population has resolved to a greater extent, the country would obviously revise the migration policies. We are… More »

[Job Market Update] These Potential Skill Sets Can Help You to Land a Job in Canada

When it comes to landing a job, different countries have different norms or standards. You also need to consider the local job market demands and your skill sets that would be useful to tailor your job application. How Favourable Canada’s Current Job Market is for Foreign Workers? In 2018, Canada added a total of 163,000 full-time jobs. Thanks to the agenda the… More »

Top 50 Employers, Occupations In Demand and 6 Big Cities to Work in Australia!

Australia has a complex immigration system that offers skilled migrants an opportunity to settle in the country, in most cases permanently. As famed to be one of the world’s popular expat destinations, Australia has a highly active job market. Therefore, if you want to get a long-term job in the country, you must know the current market scenarios and the… More »

Canada to Launch a New Fastest Visa Program for Migrants to Work in Canada!

If you are planning to move to Canada for a long time, the year 2019 may bring you the opportunity to make the country your new home. The Federal government of Canada expects to welcome 1.3 Million newcomers through the program years 2019-2021, which is the highest record in history. Therefore, we keep updating you the latest developments in Canada immigration, hoping it would… More »

Australia Revises Test Points Criteria and Launches Three New Regional Migration Visas!

Australia’s Migration Amendment 2019 has revised the points system of General Skilled Migration visas (190, 189) as well as the new Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa. Therefore, the following listed changes will be effective from the month of November 2019. 1. For having a skilled spouse or de facto partner, a candidate will earn 10 points (currently 5 points). Here are… More »

[Australia Alert] Important Changes in Visa fees, Skilled Migration Points, New Visas, and Many More…

Australia’s government showcased the 2019-20 Federal Budget on 2nd April 2019. Following this, several changes were announced based on the migration program. Here are the noticeable changes that you must review as these new rules may impact your visa application! Increase in the Visa Application Fees From 1st July 2019, visa application charges for all visa categories, except the Visitor… More »