Alberta and Manitoba, Two PNPs With Opportunities to Get You to Canada…

Last week, some of the PNPs (Provincial Nomination Program) were active. If you are already a valued customer of V&P your case manager would have contacted you proactively. If you have received an invitation – congratulations! If you did not, keep reading to know the updates that may apply to you in future…

Manitoba Invitation Round

The province of Manitoba conducted its 77th invitation round and issued 230 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs). In this round, applicants under Skilled Workers Overseas and the International Education Streams received the opportunity to get a provincial nomination.

Where will you move in Manitoba?

Manitoba comes in the fourth number in the list of Canadian cities where you can easily immigrate and settle. Also, the city with a high need for migrants. It’s no wonder that the PNP is active and makes it easier for migrants to choose Manitoba as their destination.

Among the Manitoban cities, the capital Winnipeg is a top choice for immigrants to Canada (along with Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver). The only difference is Winnipeg is more affordable and offers a better work-life balance than other Canadian cities.

Winnipeg is a diverse city as it accommodates people from many ethnicities. As stated before, it is very welcoming to new immigrants. Following the Federal government, the local provincial govt. offers special programs for newcomers. Alongside, the Job market here is good, while starting a business is not that expensive, compared to other places.

The cost of living is relatively low and housing rates are reasonable. A family of five earning $75,000 is left with $ 17,000 per year in Winnipeg.

For the education of your kids, Winnipeg has good public schools. The provincial education is boosted by a few top-class universities i.e. the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, and University in Brandon.

In Canada, Manitoba’s growing job market has attracted the attention of the Federal government. Winnipeg is now one of Canada’s top three growing cities.

By the year 2020, the Manitoban workforce will experience 114,700 retirements and deaths. According to the strategic planning by govt. of Manitoba, an overall of 95,100 new entrants will join the market aside of 44,100 migrants.

Since we are approaching 2020, there are high chances that we may see frequent invitation rounds and most of those will use Express entry to select applicants.

Now, it all comes down whether you are in the express entry to take this opportunity. To check your eligibility for Manitoba, let’s have discussion right way. 

Alberta Invitation Round

In November, the province of Alberta conducted a draw and sent 148 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence. We have sent the newsletter stating many facts but the results were yet to be announced on the official site. But now, the PNP website has detailed the draw outcomes.

In the draw round, the selected applicants are required to have a profile in the federal Express Entry system. Along with the November round, Alberta has now conducted an overall of 28 draws via the Express entry aligned pathway, as of December 2019. This is a remarkable result and many of our customers took this opportunity to realize their dream to live and work in Canada.

Where do you want to move in Alberta?

As one of the fastest-growing provinces of Canada, Alberta has many cities that would suit your interests. Among those, we consider these two big cities for you to settle down. Continue to read and find out why do we say this.

Calgary is Alberta’s most populous city and a place where most of the migrants settle. The city’s economy is based on the energy resources, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, aerospace, health and wellness, retail, and tourism sectors.

There are various job vacancies open every year that you do not have to worry about finding a job after immigration. It is the most important reason why Alberta PNP was open all year around. To be the truth, none of the Albertan cities has a high working population. Right now, metros like Calgary are attracting skilled workers thanks to the innovative and award-winning initiatives across a variety of sectors, including workforce development and attraction, international business, creative industries and community engagement.

The City has all the benefits of a large metropolitan and sophisticated centres. You can enjoy a relaxed and friendly lifestyle here.

Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta and the second-largest city. It is also the destination, where most of the migrants choose to live after immigration. It even surpasses Calgary in attracting the attention of large migrant crowds.

In the mid- 2019, AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) announced a proposal to bring 40,000 newcomers to rural communities by 2024. It’s not only the rural suburbs, but the province is expecting the immigrants to live and work in and around the capital of Edmonton.

The city is a major centre of Alberta’s oil and gas industry. So, we hope more skilled workers related to mining, manufacturing, Petrochemical, and energy distribution will get active job opportunities. Also, industries like Transportation & Logistics Environmental Engineering Services are popular in Edmonton.


No matter the field and requirements you have, there is always a provincial program available by Canada for you. It is an opportunity that is offered to applicants with high and low CRS score. Like, Alberta picked application of qualified candidates with CRS around 400. As you can see this is quite lower than the draw threshold.

So, we continue to remind our clients to focus their attention on PNPs, especially if the draw outcomes are not up to your expectations. So call us or just respond to this email if you are keen to get a sponsorship from any PNP in early 2020.

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