[Provincial Nomination] Are You in Express Entry Pool? Find Your Opportunities For Alberta PNP

Alberta has updated their official site and disclosed the invitation round statistics. According to it, the province has issued a total of 3,357 invitations to apply in 2019, so far. The province has conducted 14 draws through the PNP’s Express Entry-aligned immigration stream for the candidates in the EE pool. The required CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score for all the selection rounds ranged between 300-400 and candidates need to have experience in a skilled occupation that is in-demand in Alberta labour market.

It is rare to see any province accepting candidates with CRS scores as low as 300. But Alberta has sent the most number of invitations to the applicants with a CRS above 400. Especially in the past two months, the minimum score to get an invitation was 400 (in most of the draws). Refer to the table below!

Draw date   Number Invitations Sent   CRS score of the Lowest Ranked Candidate
July 6, 2018155302
July 26, 201867302
August 23, 201824312
September 14, 2018152301
October 10, 201847319
October 16, 201894304
November 6, 201857302
January 10, 2019337300
January 25, 201981301
February 1, 2019168301
February 22, 2019130302
March 5, 2019473400
March 12, 2019462400
March 15, 2019106300
March 19, 2019271400
March 26, 2019370400
April 2, 2019356400
April 9, 2019172300
April 15, 2019179400
April 24, 2019133400
May 2, 2019119400

Alberta offers a great opportunity for the skilled workers who are in the pool but unable to reach the Federal cut-off, that is currently ranging between 450- 455. Although there are high chances that the score will eventually come down, it is still a challenge for many candidates with CRS below 430 or 400.

Thanks to the Alberta PNP, many of our customers who had a score of around 400 (such as 403, 405, 409) and received invitations for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

Furthermore, Alberta has mentioned that the applications under the following occupations will take longer to process as these profiles make up over half of the AINP’s application inventory. It means these occupations are currently popular in the provincial labour market. As a result, qualified skilled workers are getting an invitation first. Take a look!

Food service supervisors – 6311

Cooks – 6322

Transport truck drivers – 7511

Administrative assistants – 1241

Retail sales supervisors – 6211

Administrative officers – 1221

Accounting technicians and bookkeepers – 1311

Social and community service workers – 4212

Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses – 3012

Professional occupations in business management consulting – 1122

Do you hold experience in the above-mentioned occupations? If yes, do not delay to contact us. For candidates who do not have the experience, no need to worry because Alberta has an in-demand list that comprises various other occupations. To know more, give us a call today!

Here is a list of 18 major industries that thrive in Alberta’s labour market!

  • Accommodation and Food Services Industry

  • Agricultural Industry

  • Business, Building and Other Support Services Industry

  • Construction Industry

  • Educational Services Industry

  • Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Leasing Industry

  • Forestry Industry

  • Health Care and Social Assistance Industry

  • Information, Culture and Recreation Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction Industry

  • Other Services Industry

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry

  • Public Administration Industry

  • Retail Trade Industry

  • Transportation and Warehousing Industry

  • Utility Industry
  • Wholesale Trade Industry

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To Conclude

In 2017, Alberta’s real GDP by industry grew by 4.9%– the largest gain among the provinces. In June 2018, the Employment rates rose by 1.5%. Alberta welcomed 6,638 net international migrants. It is evident that Opportunities are immense in Alberta, primarily for skilled workers.

1st March 2019, AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program) announces a proposal to bring 40,000 newcomers to rural communities by 2024. It’s not only the rural suburbs, but the province is expecting the immigrants to live and work in and around the capital of Edmonton.

As the Alberta government is eager to welcome more immigrants to fill labour shortages, they are reforming the immigration policies and making it more easy for the foreign workers.

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