Australia Adds Additional Seats in the Regional Quota. We Expect More Development in 2020

Regional Australia is becoming a major subject of discussion in the Australian cabinet. The country’s complete support to develop the regional areas has turned these places into perfect migrant destinations in 2020 and many years to come.

At the end of 2019, the government launched three new Regional Visas. Among those, many of our clients may be eligible for a Subclass 491 – Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa.

Last year, the government reserved a total of 23,000 places only for the new skilled regional visas by increasing the Regional Sponsored Migration quota from 6,000 to 9,000. But Australia has yet to stop there. Good news! There are now an extra 2,000 visas added in the regional category for skilled workers looking to live and work in regional Australia in 2020.

We remind you once again! Following are the list of Regional locations, you can migrate with a Regional visa:

  • South Australia;

  • Tasmania;

  • Western Australia;

  • Australian Capital Territory;

  • Victoria (except the Melbourne metropolitan);

  • Queensland (except the greater Brisbane area);

  • Northern Territory;

  • New South Wales (except Sydney)

According to a report, there are over 60,000 job vacancies in regional areas. The job-rise in Australia is directly related to increases in the demand for skills. It also varies from region to region. That is why Australia must fulfil these vacancies, leading to a development in the local labour market and an overall boost in the country’s economy.

Since there is an increase in quota, it means more companies based in regional Australia are looking to attract skilled migrants.

Why Regional Australia?

Contrary to how generally migrants believe, regional Australia is not made of mountains and bushes. Over eight million people are currently living in these regions, which are made up of towns and small cities with immense opportunities to explore. For example, South Australia, it has many big and small metropolitans, including world-famous Adelaide. It is also the centre of IT, Business, mining, and many sought-out industries. It is our luck that SA takes the number one spot in the Regional immigration chart. Similar to SA, Australian capital territory (Canberra) and western Australia are also one of the destinations that many of you would like to choose.

Why Should You Consult with us For a Regional Nomination this Year?

As the recent changes in points, some of the popular occupations like software engineer, ICT business analyst, Accountant have their cut-offs increased to 90-100 points to get an invitation in Federal draws.

It may not be easy for many of us to score such high points, for example, the applicants who are not able to get high band levels in their language assessment. That is why we should be focusing on getting a state or regional nomination where we can compromise with the cut-off points even for the pro-rata occupations.

As per the records, the state and regions conduct draws with normal cut-off points initially to fulfil the requirements. But after a period, they eventually jump to higher points category or special requirements (for example some occupations need a job offer). That is why we must grab the opportunity earliest as possible. We have just kick-started a new year. What can be a more suitable time to start your Australia migration process than now!

However to get a regional nomination, first, we have to figure out on which areas have a demand for your skills and whether the destination is suitable for you and the needs of your family and children. What steps do you need to follow? What are the documents do you need to prepare? etc.

Fortunately, the new visas appear to address some of the key problems of the old programs to make post-migration more comfortable and to help many regional employers attract and retain skilled overseas workers for longer periods. Also, the migrants who are moving to this area can expect potential benefits from the employers, as these industries are deprived of manpower and are eagerly colliding with the government to get skilled professionals.

There is news of New South Wales opening for applicants in the coming month. It wouldn’t be much longer when other states and regional areas open to nominate applicants. Let’s not delay!

If you would like to find out more about the current skilled requirements in regional areas or the states, along with discussing your visa options to decide your immigration pathway, please reply to this email at once with your phone number. Our Australia team will get back to you in a 24hrs of time

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