[Australia Alert] Important Changes in Visa fees, Skilled Migration Points, New Visas, and Many More…

Australia’s government showcased the 2019-20 Federal Budget on 2nd April 2019. Following this, several changes were announced based on the migration program.

Here are the noticeable changes that you must review as these new rules may impact your visa application!

Increase in the Visa Application Fees

From 1st July 2019, visa application charges for all visa categories, except the Visitor visa (Subclass 600) will be increased by 5.4%.

Therefore the General Skilled Migration visa (i.e. Subclass 189 and 190) fees will be increased by $200 for a primary applicant. On the other hand, for the Graduate class visa, the increase will be just over $80, and for Partner visas, there will be an increase of $386.

There will be no changes in the second visa application charge for Parent visas and non-functional English for dependents.

Cutting Down the Immigration Quota

In our previous newsletters, we updated that the Australian government will cap the number of migrants to 160,000, for each year.

According to the official announcement (on 2nd April), the maximum number of visas available for the 2019/2020 program year is 160,000. The government has cut the allocations of the Skilled Independent and Employer-Sponsored visas and increased the quota for the new skilled regional visas to 23,000 places.

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Diverting the Migration to Regional Australia

Once again, another of our forecasts has come true. A few months ago, we informed that Australia May Divert the Migration Flow to Regional Areas. In a span of six months, the Federal government has implemented the rule.

The new immigrants have to stay in the regional areas (anywhere outside of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth) for a few years.

So, which Regional locations are open for the immigrants now?

The new regional visa will divert the migrant crowd to Queensland’s North Coast and Toowoomba, New South Wales’ Northern Rivers, Central Coast, and Hunter Valley, Geelong and the Grampians region in Victoria, and anywhere in South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory etc.

Closure of Current Visa Programs and Launch of New Visas

The current permanent Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) and the State Nominated temporary regional visa (subclass 489) visas will be discontinued. The government has replaced these visas with three new Regional Visas.

Among the new visas, two will be effective from 1st November 2019 i.e. Provisional employer-sponsored and provisional work visas. On the other hand,  Permanent Skilled Regional visa will be available from November 2022.

Note: Existing visa holders and applications lodged before the mentioned dates will not be affected.

Change in GSM Points Test

From 1st November 2019, the Australia government will introduce some changes General skilled migration points test. Based on the adjustment, they may award additional points to applicants, in case their partner has competent English but not able to fulfil other criteria for skilled partner points.

The single applicant may also get some point advantages. The government has not revealed any details. We will update you as soon as we get information regarding the change.

To Conclude:

When we alert you about some future changes, we forecast those from our experience, observation and trend analysis. These are no scare tactics but facts to assist you to make decisions whilst you are eligible.

We know how important a Permanent Residency Visa is to you, probably more important for your family and kids. It’s a big dream, a big step in your/their lives, where one single mishap can cost a vast amount of time and money. More than time and money, it can cost the opportunity.
Now we are at a stage where Australia is cutting down the migrant intake in every way possible. A direct permanent visa option is getting more difficult to obtain. Introducing new Regional visas with strict conditions is one such example of keeping the immigrant crowd at bay. What will you do if Australia moves all visas to temporary and making them a “Pathway to Permanent Residency” rather than granting instant Permanent Residency?
On 1st July 2019, another set of changes may come to light. We do not know what sort of new rules will be implemented in the new program year. That is why we encourage you to start your visa process as soon as possible and send us your documents without delay. Because we still can avoid some of the current changes (mentioned above) but we require your understanding and commitment to gaining a successful outcome.
Please be in contact with us to ensure that we beat any such upcoming changes in rules. Kindly be in touch with your Immigration consultant today to discuss!

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