Cease Your Opportunity by Starting your VISA process, As Australia Announces to Enhance Migrant Intake in Regional Cities

In the 21st-century interconnected world, the rate of migration has increased. Noticeably, the OECD nations are experiencing an uprise of migrants, including Canada. We have explained “hows” and “whys” of this topic before. Today we intend to elevate how Canada has influenced Australia on population distribution and attracting migrants to areas that desperately need workers.  

On 23rd September 2019, the Australian government announced a new Population Plan to better manage the country’s growth that includes the supporting regional growth through migration, says the Minister for Population, Cities and Urban Infrastructure Alan Tudge.

What Changes will the New Immigrant Population Management Plan Bring?

In Australia, immigrants are more likely to live in large cities than in smaller cities or regional areas. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 85% of immigrants live in major urban areas, compared to just 64% of Australian-born people. Therefore, the following changes may happen to strengthen the settlement trend of Australia!

1. As you know, the Australian government has launched three new Regional visas. We may see an expansion of quota of these pathways to able to bring in foreign workers and to divert them towards developed regional areas. Such as the North coast of Queensland, New South Wales’ Northern Rivers, Central Coast, and the Hunter Valley, Geelong and the Grampians region in Victoria, and anywhere in South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory etc. Also, to the cities like Darwin, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, and Canberra.

2. The government may grant a PR status through DAMA, although it is not a direct pathway to a permanent residency but a major opportunity for foreign workers. The DAMA has access to 117 skilled and semi-skilled occupations which are in shortage in Australia to select candidates.

3. The newly launched Global Talent – Independent program will also play a major role in Regional population development by the immigrants.

Is Australia’s New Migration Trend Helping You?

While there is no requirement for new immigrants to permanently stay in the state/region that has nominated them, the evidence is that the vast majority choose to live in the same place. Like when someone moves to Sydney (one of the major cities), they prefer to stay there for a long time. That is why Australia intends to follow the trails of Canada’s provincial settlement patterns using the migration policies that are at disposal.

  • These reasons make us expect that there may be major changes in Regional and State/regional nominations. Although Australia has reduced the annual quota, a steady increase in the state/regional intake may happen in the coming years. In every aspect, most of the Australian states are equally developed as Canadian provinces. These cities are exposed to continuous development for the sake of boosting the lifestyle of the native population as well as migrants and develop the communities.

  • Considering that giving the provinces a greater immigration system has dramatically shifted the settlement of immigrants beyond Canada’s biggest cities. Why not the same can be done for Australia? This “top-down” approach will allow the Australian states and territories to request the number of skilled migrants they need to admit every year. It means you will have a better chance of getting a PR with a valuable additional option at your disposal.

  • As migrants are the key to the success of the labour markets of less-populated areas, the states/regions will put a strong emphasis on ensuring that economic migrants receive full support on arrival, including education, access to local migrant community networks and job assistance etc. Although the population plan has just announced recently, soon the local government will start making provisions to execute these opportunities.

  • Part of the population policy will include stronger incentives for new migrants to Australia to settle outside of the megacities, that have needs of their skills and expertise.

  • The composition of the program will be maintained at about 70% in the Skill stream and 30% in the Family stream. It means not only you as the main applicant, but your family will also have the opportunity to contribute to your immigration process.

  • Guarantee increased funding for schools, hospitals, medicines and roads that you and your family rely on. All without increasing taxes.


As per the government record, Regional Australia has skill shortages i.e. a close to 60,000 job vacancies are available outside the capital cities. For many regional industries, their ongoing operation is dependent on finding the workers they need. Therefore, Australia needs migration that contributes to regional communities, meets local skill shortages and invests in local economies and communities.

In every aspect, this is a great opportunity as we have a higher chance to immigrate to Australia. In the past, the state/regional nominations were not the main streams that attracted immigrants to Australia but these pathways have chances of gaining popularity soon. We may see frequent invitation rounds under these categories.

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