Australia Govt. States a Regional Visa is the Most Prominent Pathway for a PR Now

On 24th October 2019, ACT (Australia Capital Territory), Canberra has conducted a draw round to invite skilled candidates eligible for 190 pathway.

The previous invitation was held on 14th September 2019. Although the number of invitations sent has not been disclosed on the official website. But here is the link to occupation list of ACT, Canberra that was targeted in this draw round.

Here are the stats of the previous ACT draw rounds!

Invitation date

Number of Invitations issued

  Matrix Score Range

14 Oct  2019


115 to 65 points

9 Oct 2019


130 to 70 points

27 Sep 2019


120 to 70 points

17 Sep 2019


130 to 70 points

2 Sept 2019


130 to 70 points

15 Aug 2019


130 to 70 points

Canberra is frequently conducting draws, evident from the above table. Also, you can see the number of invitations has increased with a decrease in points. It is a good sign.

A careful application submission work is needed for an ACT state nomination, starting from an Expression of Interest to submitting all the correct documents. The guidelines clearly state they are more focused on seeing the correct documents and will not tolerate any misapprehension. If you are already a customer of V&P, our case specialists will process your application as soon as the state opens.

For more information on Canberra, read Top Reasons Why Immigrants are Now Choosing Canberra over Other Cities!

Perth and the Gold Coast Are Included in the Regional Areas Now!

The migration cap of Australia remains to be 160,000 which included 23,000 regional visas set aside for migrants who agree to work outside the major cities. But recently, the government has raised it to 25,000 seats.

In our posts, we mentioned, the Australia government is prioritizing the Regional needs of skilled workers by introducing more Regional visas. Australia expects that the new visa will drive the migrant crowds to Regional areas that are crying out for more skilled professionals in their local job markets. In addition, the megacities like Sydney and Melbourne have become very congested in the past years with the overflowing population.

To support the scheme, Labor leader Anthony Albanese said to make Regional areas comfortable for migrants, the government will match up where the job opportunities are, making sure there are settlement processes available.

The decision to include the Gold Coast and Perth on the list of destinations is heavily supported by the local governments, especially for new international students. Coming to Regional visas, not many of you are acquainted with the opportunities and advantages. Let us help you to figure it out and plan for a Permanent residency through a Regional pathway!

26th October 2019, A Day for 600 Migrants Pledge the Oath and Became Australia’s Citizen

Last Saturday was a memorable day for 600 migrants (from 40 different countries) came to Melbourne to take their oath for citizenship.

It was a sight to behold looking at the stream of emotions on the migrants who finally made Australia their home. The marathon ceremonial at Brimbank City Council lasted more than 10 hours.

Mayor of the city Lucinda Congreve proudly said “It’s the biggest ever done in Brimbank. It’s one of the biggest Australia-wide ever”.

As you know, making a pledge is a public commitment to Australia. It means that you are accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship. For most people, this is the final step in the journey to becoming an Australian citizen.

Here we end this immigration newsletter, we hope it gives you insights on Current Australia and how should you plan to get to migrate as soon as possible. To talk to our visa experts and find more information, call us today!

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