This visa applies to those applicants whose only near surviving relatives currently reside in Australia as Permanent Residents and/or citizens. Australia Remaining Relative Visa (Subclass 115) grants the following entitlements:

  • Live and work in Australia as Permanent Residents
  • Study in Australia
  • Become a Citizen of Australia within 4 years

You may be eligible to apply for this visa if the following applies to you:

  • you have a brother, sister, parent (or step-equivalent) who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen usually resident in Australia AND
  • you and your partner have no brothers, sisters, non-dependent children, parents (or step-equivalents) other than those in Australia

An Assurance of Support [AoS] Bond must be lodged prior to visa grant. The AoS is currently AUD10,000 for the main applicant and AUD4,000 for any dependent applicant. This AoS will be held with the Government for 10 years.

Therefore, if you are in a relationship and wish to apply for Australia Remaining Relative Visa, although you as the main applicant might not have any of the above family members residing outside of Australia, your spouses’ family will be considered as your family too, therefore, the above must apply to both.

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