The State of Victoria selects potential individuals to work and live in Melbourne. The state nomination is a pathway to attract the skilled talents and helps the industries to be competitive with the global market. And the Victoria Skilled Occupation Lists address the current labour demand of the State.

The State Nomination Program of Victoria accepts applications under the following skilled visa subclasses:

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

The Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is a pathway for skilled migrants to move to Australia. This visa allows individuals with an in-demand occupation in the Skill Nominated list to apply for a Permanent Residency in Australia.

If you have skills and experience on any occupation from the demand List, you may be eligible for Victorian nomination under subclass 190.

The Skilled Regional visa (subclass 489)

This visa category provides a pathway to Australian permanent residence to the skilled professionals who wish to live and work in regional Victoria.

If you have skills and experience on any occupation from the Regional demand List, you may be eligible for Victorian nomination under subclass 190.

Note: The candidates need to have a closer tie or a blood relative in Victoria to apply under Subclass 489

To become eligible for a Victoria State Nomination,

  • The candidate must Meet the minimum eligibility requirements
  • The individual’s skills and expertise should be in the demand list of Victoria
  • Qualifications, skills, and experience, including any specialized skills, must be appropriate and transferable as per the needs of Victoria’s labour market.
  • Need to show the Commitment to settle himself and his dependents in Victoria permanently.
  • The candidate also must meet the eligibility criteria of the visa subclass under which he/she is processing the application

Why Should you Choose Victoria [Melbourne, Capital]?

To address its economic needs, Victoria state government is calling out to the foreign skilled workers stating- If you have the right skills and experience, we could make the migration to our state much easier with our visa nomination.

The state of Victoria is the second largest economy in Australia next to New South Wales. It is also responsible for a quarter of the nation’s gross domesticproduct.

The Victorian state economy has shown an enormous growth in the past decade. Besides IT, Finance and insurance are one of Victoria’s largest revenue producing sectors. In recent years, Victoria’ health-care and social assistance have become the state’s biggest employment sectors.

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