To be eligible for Western Australian nomination a candidate must meet the requirements of Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) also the criteria of the Western Australian State criteria under any chosen visa category.

The State Nomination Program of Western Australia accepts applications
under the following skilled visa subclasses:

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

This visa allows the candidates to live anywhere in the state. Like any other state nomination, this rewards the candidates with five additional points to their overall score that helps them to get selected in SkillSelect draw Australia.

Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 489)

This is a provisional visa for skilled workers allows the candidates to live anywhere in the region for up to four years, except Perth. After the arrival, if the candidate lives in WA for at least two years and worked full time for at least one year, he/she may be eligible to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency visa in the future.

To become eligible for a Western Australia Nomination,

  • As mentioned previously, the candidate must meet Department of Home Affairs requirements for the intended visa subclass.
  • The candidate’s nominated occupation must be in the current Western Australian skilled occupation list.
  • Must meet the minimum English requirements
  • The candidate must Demonstrate the minimum required work experience in the nominated occupation
  • Must Provide a contract of employment
  • Also, demonstrate the sufficient settlement funds

Check out the Western Australia occupation list here!

Why Should you Choose Western Australia [Perth, Capital]?

Western Australia’s economy is largely driven by extraction and processing of a diverse range of mineral and petroleum commodities.

Lately, a large number of new mines have discovered in this state. That is why mining sectors are flourishing and migrants can explore a lot of job opportunities here. WA also is a leading competitor in the Australian export industry.

Especially the capital Perth thrives as the centre of administration and an economic hub. Due to the cheap land to build spacious, single-storey plants and highly develop transport system, many manufacturing industries are building their firms here.

WA also thrives on Agriculture and Agricultural production in WA is a major contributor to the state and national economy. WA is in a developing phase and it is expected to reach its full potential in the near future. That is why it is a perfect place for the newcomers to start a new life.

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