This visa allows business people to make a short business visit to Australia for up to three (3) months during your visa validity period. Business activities may include a conference, negotiation or exploratory business visit.

If you are not an eligible passport holder under the eVisitor Visa subclass, you should make an application for a Business Short Stay Visa.

If you are granted this visa, you can:

  • Attend to business activities in Australia including conferences, business negotiations or exploratory business visits
  • Be allowed to engage in limited work, if for example it is highly specialised and non-on going
  • Enter Australia once or on multiple occasions during the visa validity period
  • Stay in Australia for up to three months from the date of each entry
  • Bring your partner or dependent children to Australia

To be considered for this visa application, applicants must be able to:

  • Evidence a genuine business reason for your visit
  • Evidence your professional business background i.e. employment reference letters and/or professional qualifications
  • Evidence that you actively own or work for a legitimate company that is currently operating

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