Australia Implements the Forecasted Changes on 1st July. Find Out!

Finally, we are at the starting of a new program year (1st July). Australia has officially announced the changes that will be implemented for the next four years. But we are not surprised at all as we forecasted the change months ago, also informed you in our newsletters and emails. Here is a review!

Australia has cut down its annual permanent immigration intake to 160,000. It took a couple of months for Cabinet to implement the bill proposed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 

As a result, there is a decrease in the quota of Skilled Independent visas and Skill nominated visas. Such as the intake under Skilled Independent subclass has been slashed from over 43,000 to just 18,000. But we should be thankful that none of these immigration options is completely closed for potential migrants. You are eligible to get an invitation under these categories as long as you are in the Expression of Interest pool. And there are no changes in the occupation list. 

From now on, Australia will focus on the Regional areas and their economic development through immigration. Therefore we need to strategize our migration plan for a Regional sponsorship. As the government will reserve a total of 23,000 places only for the new skilled regional visas. We should take advantage of this opportunity.

PR visa applicants who will receive a nomination under any regional sponsorships will be able to claim extra five extra points in their total points. After migrating to Australia, they need to live and work in the concerned Regional area for three or more years as a necessary condition of the permanent residency.

Do you remember, we also talked about the new points criteria that will be applicable for a primary applicant? Such as if you have a skilled spouse, you can claim more points now. Even single applicants can claim points too. Those rules are applicable in this new program year.

We should be discussing these opportunities now. In the next four years, the Australian government may not change the quota. Specifically, there may not be an increase in intake. But it won’t be good for us if they decide to decrease the quota or stop intaking applications under any of the subcategories. Like there were speculations of the government to close subclass 190, which luckily has not yet happened.

Following the Central migration system, the states and territories will publish new changes throughout the month of July. South Australia is the first one to announce the changes publicly. We also have news of SA to open its window for applicants on 3rd July 2019.

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As we are at a stage where immediate actions are needed to cope up with the changes, we advise you to call us ASAP. Obviously, we would be in touch with you too. But let’s cut the time delay and work faster to get these opportunities.

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