Canada 2018 Year-end Immigration Report …

Canada is a strong and vibrant country thanks to the Immigrants and their descendants who have made immeasurable contributions to Canada. Today, Canada has an ageing workforce and immigrants are needed more than ever to address this issue. Therefore in 2018, Canada raised the quota. And nearly 280,000 Express Entry profiles were submitted through the system, an increase of 10% from the year 2017. Refer to the table below!

But that’s not all. In this post, we discuss the Top factors that made a difference in the immigration statistics of 2018 and 2017 immigration report.

1. How many Invitations did Canada Send under all of the categories in 2018?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held 27 ITA rounds and issued 89,800 invitations in 2018. There is an increase of invitations in comparison to the year 2017 i.e. 86,022. Here are the invitation distribution stats of 2018!

Aside from skilled immigration by Express entry, a huge number of invitations were sent via provincial sponsorships.

A total of  92,231 applicants and their families were admitted into Canada as permanent residents through Express Entry. By comparison, 65,423 applicants and their families were admitted in 2017. This increase was the result of a large number of Federal High Skilled clients who were processed in 2017 but admitted in 2018, as well as additional Provincial Nominee clients processed and admitted in 2018. More than half of persons admitted in 2018 were destined for Ontario and about one fifth was destined for British Columbia.

In 2019, we are already experiencing a similar flow. The admission quota for 2019 is 61,000, it means, in the multi-year immigration plan, Canada may receive around 213,000 new permanent residents through the PNP alone.

Considering the fact that the current year’s quota is larger than 2018, we may see frequent invitation rounds in the next quarters.

2. Gender analysis of applicants

In 2018,  more profiles were submitted by men (169,114) than women (109,410). Women submitted a slightly higher proportion of total profiles in 2018 (39%) compared to 2017 (36%). A higher proportion of profiles submitted by women were eligible for at

least one program (74%) compared to those submitted by men (68%).

3. Which Occupations received the highest number of invitations?

Here are the most common occupations among invitations issued to candidates who claimed arranged employment points and were invited to apply in 2018.

Many of these occupations are popular in the Express Entry in this year, along with some newly added occupations that are showing growth in the Canadian labour market. If you have experience in any of these, let’s review your profile today, there may be a chance your occupation is still in-demand currently.

In addition, the provinces have their own demand list. Some of these accept applicants with low points as long as they have experience in any of the demand occupations and fulfil the provincial nomination criteria.

Your Action Plan According to the Immigration Report

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