[Canada Alert] CRS Below 400? Ontario is Open For You!

In many of our posts, we have mentioned how a provincial nomination changes the entire game of Express Entry selection as the nominee is awarded 600 additional points in the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score and winning the ticket to Canada. But is it really possible to get a provincial nomination with a CRS below 400?

Yes, of course, it is possible. In fact, many of our customers have successfully received their nominations from many Canadian provinces. And the province of Ontario is continuously reviewing the immigration system to allow talented people to immigrate to the province with a score below 400.

What’s in The News?

In this month, Ontario authorities made an announcement that they have revised the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score requirement for the Express Entry-linked Human Capital Priorities stream.

As a result, now Ontario’s minimum score will be “determined by the director” for this particular stream. The authorities even confirmed that “It is Possible to get an invitation with a score below 400”!

IMPORTANT: Once the province starts to take the candidates with a CRS below 400, we will review all the applications under this score. If you wish to take this opportunity, call us and enter the Express Entry Pool today!

What Should You Understand?

The process of provincial nomination is always a mystery as the provinces do not disclose their complete selection process. But one thing we are sure about is – There is NO golden rule about minimum CRS points.

In the first quarter of the year 2018, OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) issued many invitations. And the Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream was the most popular among the skilled workers. But not all the candidates with a less score (below 400) were able to receive an invitation.

But the scenario has changed drastically. It means OINP will change the CRS according to the provincial needs for skilled workers and we know how much Canada needs talented individuals.

The ageing workforce, skill shortage, and decrease in the population are a reality in Canada and the province of Ontario is not far from this truth. According to the government’s job market, Ontario has the highest number of job vacancies.

That is why Ontario is now willing to change the traditional rules and trying to become the province with the highest number of immigrant intake.

Your Action Plan

As witnessed, in immigration, policies and rules change at a faster pace. And it is advised to get ready for the best while you have the chance. To be selected under Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream a candidate must enter the Express Entry pool through one of the below categories:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Class
  2. Canadian Experience Class

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As Ontario wants to increase its immigrant intake, there are high chances that the province will decrease the minimum CRS points or it may increase the immigrant quota. No matter what the authorities decide, there is no doubt that we are in a win-win situation.

If immigration is your dream, the time is now. Do not lose this chance to live in a city like Toronto with immense employment opportunities and high lifestyle. Are You Interested? Call Now!

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