Canada Invites 41,800 Foreign Skilled Workers in the 1st Half of 2019

The Canadian government reports an overall of 41,800 candidates invited to apply for a permanent residence in the first six months. Looking at the statistics, we hope the second -half of the year may get even busier.

From January to June, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) conducted a total of 13 draws to select foreign skilled workers for a Canadian permanent residency. Refer to the table below!

Draw number

  Draw Date

  CRS score

Invitations Issued


10th Jan 2019




23rd Jan 2019




30th Jan 2019




20th Feb 2019




6th Mar 2019




20th Mar 2019




3rd Apr 2019




17th Apr 2019




1st May 2019




15th May 2019

(skilled trade candidates)



29th May 2019




12th Jun 2019




26th Jun 2019





As you can see a minimum CRS is set for each draw and it varied from 440-470. With the June 26th round, Canada made the second-highest invitation record since the year 2017 which was 51, 285 (in 1st half). Similarly, in 2018, the total number of invitations sent was 39, 700.  Find more information on the year-end reports!

The score for each applicant is based on factors such as age, education level, occupation, Experience, Language ability, and blood relation to Canada. To find out if you’re eligible to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, complete our FREE ASSESSMENT FORM and get a chance to talk to our consultant regarding your eligibility factors. In case you do not qualify, our consultants will advise you the ways to get a qualifying score.

Why Should You Choose Canada as Your Migrant Destination?

Every year, Canada uses its open immigration system to attract highly-skilled workers to sustain its innovative economy.

In this regard, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz says, Immigrants, have a key role to play in helping grow the Canadian economy and off-setting the country’s growing shortage of skilled labour. With Canada’s economy hitting its “sweet spot” of rising demand and companies operating at near capacity, this growth is translating into new jobs and escalating job vacancies. None of these highly desirable economic growth can happen unless there are people available to fill the newly created jobs. Read more here!

Moreover, Canada has a rich ethnicity thanks to the well-managed immigration system that invites immigrants from 190 countries. It’s truly is an amazing achievement to build such a diversified nation. Also, Canada is one of the countries that reach out to immigrants to offer help.
After landing, it provides free training programs for jobs and services that would guide immigrants to settle down in the country.

What Should be Your Action Plan?

In Jan 2019, the Canadian Parliament announced multi-year immigration plan and revealed that it would welcome more than one million new permanent residents in the next three years, approximately 350,000, each year.

Now is the right time to take action and enter the express entry pool because without an EE profile you can’t get an invitation in the draw rounds that are happening twice in every month. Aside from Federal draws, many PNPs are highly active now and every month our clients are getting an invitation (who are in the pool). And not all of these clients have a high score. They are getting selected because of having an in-demand occupation that is targeted by a specific province.

If you wish for provincial sponsorship, we have experts who come with vast experience and can guide you in your application process. Interested?

Call us to know more! Or respond to this email with your preferred time for a discussion, we promise to connect with you as soon as possible. Let’s take this step towards your dream together!

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