The Self-employed Class visa to Canada is not as transparent as it may first appear. The term self-employed does not extend to all people who are currently self-employed and is only aimed specifically at self-employed Farmers or athletes. Applicants who are self-employed under other categories such as trades or professional occupations should refer to the Federal Skilled Worker Class or Entrepreneur Class.

The Self-employed Class visa enables you and all dependents the opportunity to:

  • Live and Work in Canada as Permanent Residents
  • Multiple entries into Canada for as long as the visa is valid
  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship within 4 years

The basic qualification of this visa includes the following:

  • Must have been self-employed for a minimum of 2 years within the recent 5 years in cultural activities or athletics; OR
  • Participation in cultural activities at a world-class level for 2 out of the recent 5 years before applying; OR
  • Farm Management experience for a minimum of 2 years out of the recent 5 years before making an application

In addition to meeting the basic eligibility requirements, you need to achieve a basic score in the Business Migration to Canada points test. The pass mark for all Business Immigrants is currently 35. The categories to acquire points are broken down to assess Age, English language, Business Experience, Qualifications and various other adaptability points.

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