International Students in Canada on a valid Student Visa are not automatically entitled to work in Canada.  They must first complete at least 6 months of full-time study and adhere to all student visa regulations. In addition to your student visa which allows you to live and study in Canada, the Off-Campus Work Permit for Students will allow you to:

  • Work in Canada for 20 hours per week in term time and full-time during school breaks

To be eligible to apply for the Work Permit in Canada the student must:

  • Be enrolled in full-time education in a participating Canadian Education institution and possess a valid Study Permit
  • Comply with all Student visa regulations
  • Have satisfactory academic standing in your specific program for at least 6 out of 12 months immediately before applying

Once granted this visa a Student must maintain their satisfactory academic record in order to keep the Work Permit valid and must seek employment without assistance just as they would in their home country.

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