This visa allows people to visit Canada for a holiday or recreation, to visit family and friends in Canada or for short Business Visits.

Visit Visas are granted for a specific duration depending on your circumstances at the time of application.  They can be single entry visas, permitting just one entry into Canada or they can be granted for Multiple visits should you have a necessity to visit Canada a number of times within a specified period.  The multiple entry visas are generally aimed at business people, however, anyone can apply for such status with valid reason.

There are no “eligible” passports in order to apply for this visa and therefore anyone can apply, however, if your visit is for less than 3 months, you should check whether your passport is visa exempt to enter Canada.

Again, visit visas for any country really come down to 3 crucial points:

  • You have a genuine intent to visit the country and leave at the end of your visit
  • You have ties to your current country of citizenship/residence i.e. full-time employment and/or home ownership/current tenancy agreement and family ties too.
  • You have enough funds to sustain your living expenses for the duration of your visit

Business Visit Visa to Canada:

A business visitor is someone who comes to Canada to engage in international business activities without directly entering the Canadian labour market. For example, someone who comes to Canada to meet with representatives of companies doing business with their country would be considered a business visitor.

Visitors may be in Canada for business meetings or site visits (to observe only). A person invited to Canada by a Canadian company for training in product use, sales or other functions related to a business transaction would also be included.

Business visitors must prove that their main source of income and their main place of business are outside Canada.

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