The Canada Work Permit allows foreign nationals to live and work in Canada for a temporary period of time. Which usually ranges between few months (short-term work permits) to 3 years (long-term work permits). The work permits are extendable depending upon the applicant’s current circumstances and requirements.

An open work permit is mostly issued to the spouse or common-law partner who can accompany a foreign student or worker to Canada.

There are two types of Canada work permits issued by the Federal government:

  1. Open work permit: allows the applicant to work for any employer (restricted to few industries).
  2. Employer-specific work permit: Allows the applicant to work for a specific employer.

What is an Open work permit?

An open work permit is not job-specific. That is why the applicant does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) nor the proof of employment through the Employer Portal.

Requirements for an Open work permit:

  • A permanent residence applicant who has applied to an office in Canada.
  • A dependent family member of some permanent residence applicant.
  • Spouse and common-law partner of some workers and international students.
  • Refugees, refugee claimants, protected persons or their family members.
  • Some temporary resident permit holders.
  • Some young workers participating in special programs.

What is an Employer-specific work permit?

The employer submits to IRCC the offer of employment and the number of work permits before the foreign national makes an application for a Canada work permit.

Requirements for an Employee-specific work permit:

  • The applicant needs to provide specific documents, such as proof of education or work experience.
  • Prove to an officer that he/she will leave Canada when the work permit expires.
  • Must pay the application fees.
  • Provide the name of the employer, the duration of the stay and the location of the work.
  • Show the proof of Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or the employment number (the employer received while they submitted the offer of employment to IRCC).
  • Provide the employee contract.
  • Provide the clearance certificate on criminal activity.
  • Show enough funds to take care of himself and his family during the stay in Canada and to return back home.
  • Provide Medical clearance certificate
  • Provide Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visitor visa, depending on the nationality. The eTA or visa will be issued at the same time as the applicant’s work permit.

If a foreign individual engages in an activity that would normally be a paid position for a Canadian citizen, then a work permit is required.

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