[Canberra, ACT Draw Round] A Large Drop in the Minimum Required Points

We informed in our previous posts that Canberra (ACT) re-opened the Australia Skilled Nominated-190 visa category on 29th November 2018. Since the opening, Canberra has conducted two draw rounds to invite skilled candidates eligible for 190 pathway.

In order to get a successful state nomination from Canberra, the candidates were requested to submit their applications stating the reason to live in Canberra with other requirements. The selected applicant will receive five additional points for skilled migration.

Yesterday, ACT conducted another draw round and issued 205 invitations to the candidates with an in-demand occupation. Since Canberra replaced the first-come-first-served immigration system with a merit-based assessment, the minimum point score for this round was 70, while the highest score went up to 115.

We know many of you have wanted to see a more low score but this draw has certainly given us hope. In the previous round (happened on 20th December 2018) the score range was much higher than the current one (i.e. 85 – 130) and only 93 invitations were issued. If we compare, there is a drop of more than ten points from the previous round.

Find the ACT in-demand occupation list here!

Wish to process your application for Canberra, here are the process details!

1. To process your EOI (Expression of Interest) application, the candidates need to express their interest by completing the Canberra Matrix, the most important and foremost step in the process.

2. The candidates are requested to provide all the correct documents (with accurate information) when they lodge their applications. If not, ACT will reject the profiles.

3. There are no waiver provisions

4. The government has strictly mentioned that- they will not accept any biased requests from candidates saying,

– Expiry of English language results or skills assessments

– Change of age

– Visa expiry etc

Now you know, how much work you need to put for an ACT state nomination, starting from an Expression of Interest to submitting all the correct documents. The guidelines clearly state they are more focused on seeing the correct documents and will not tolerate any misapprehension.  

As per the recent announcement, the nomination process will open until February. In the next invitation rounds, there are high chances of score dropping to the range of 60 and an increase in the number of invitation.

While Australia is tightening its immigration process, ACT (Canberra) is indeed an exciting development for skilled workers wishing to migrate to Australia. There would be a number of applicants from worldwide who would be eyeing for an opportunity to live in Canberra. Thus we should not be delay more and get ready for the next invitation round.

For more information, call our immigration experts, who are currently working for ACT state nomination to process your profile.

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