[Client Success Story] This is Why the New Regional Visas may be the Pathway for You to Get a PR!

In our previous newsletter, we discussed the new Regional visa that replaced the old one on 16th November 2019. We also detailed how the 491 visa offers more advantages for aspiring migrants on getting a Permanent residency. Today, we will share some of our analysis and reflection points with you. Also, continue to read the newsletter to know the success story of our customer who migrated to the country with the assistance of a Regional sponsorship. Happy reading!

What Advantages Does the 491 Pathway Bring?

Australia is a highly urbanized country. It has one of the highest population growth rates in the OECD. But where the population centres around is the problem. When migrants come to Australia, they steadfastly choose metropolitans like Sydney or Melbourne, which are already overflowing with Citizens.

A large population has its pros as well as cons. But when one side of the balance is starting to tilt, the country has to make necessary amends. Therefore, Australia is using migration programme to back the regions to grow and take the population pressure off from the major cities. And by supporting strong regions the government is creating an even stronger economy for Australia. But what Australia is giving back to the migrants who will choose Regional Australia as their PR pathway?

1. Aside from the popular IT, Finance, and other skilled occupations that always hold their position in the national or state lists, for Regional, the country is also adding a whole bunch of new professions, such as real estate agents, call centre managers, Actors, historians etc.

The complete lists are due to be released on March 2020. We expect it will open many opportunities for our clients.

2. Unlike the old 489 visas, in which candidates are not allowed to get free medicare, in the new regional visa i.e. 491 and 494 the visa holders will be able to visit the doctor or go to the hospital and have some or all of the expenses covered by the government.

3. Many of you may sound unconvincing about Regional areas. But you should look at the big picture. Only Sydney or Melbourne is not the only metro city in Australia just because their names are widely known. Many big cities are located in the designated Regions, including capital like popular urban cities like Perth and metropolitan region like Gold Coast have listed to be regional areas to attract more skilled workers.

4. To fill the specific skill shortages in the regions, the local government may double the median wages.

After spending at least three years in the Regional area, you obviously can move to your desired city. But before thinking that, you should look at the survey results.

According to the survey by Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation, about two in three of migrants said that the Regional community had made them feel very welcome. And two-thirds liked their jobs. Furthermore, most skilled migrants were satisfied with medical services, schools and entertainment available in their regional and rural community.

There is a high chance, you may ultimately settle in the region you are asked to migrate. Here is the long-awaited story of our client who migrated through 489 pathway.

Our Client Success Story

Vishal had to choose the 489 route (old Regional visa that is now replaced by 491) for Australia as we thought that is the best option for him to get a PR. At first, he was hesitant but we had a realistic discussion of his options and he took the chance.

Thanks to that not only he got sponsorship but also escaped from a foreseen trouble that is after 6 months NT (Northern Territory) no longer sponsored his occupation. Without our advice and his trust to take the decision on time, he would not be a citizen of Australia now.

Vishal has recently sent an appreciation email after receiving his citizenship certificate. And he has chosen to live in Darwin, the region that offered him a sponsorship to migrate to Australia, a few years ago.

A lot of clients do not know regional Australia and therefore give up the excellent opportunity. Vishal’s story is proof of well-crafted planning, faith, and trust of a journey we took together with Vishal and his wife Shilpi.

Do you wish to be the next one to realize your dream of an Australian PR through a Regional visa? To know more about the Eligibility criteria for a Regional sponsorship, call us today. We will assist you in identifying the suitable regional areas for you and your family to migrate and settle.

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