CRS Dropped and 3,600 Applicants Received Invitations for a Permanent Residency

On 10th July 2019, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) conducted its first Federal Express Entry draw of the month. In the process, 3,600 ITAs (invitations to apply) were issued to the permanent residence candidates.

The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) score for this draw was 460, two points drop from the previous round score. Like always, the tie-break rule was implemented. And the preferred time and date for the July draw was 11th June 2019, at 12:27:18 UTC.

Largest Draw of the Year 2019 (So far)

Finally,  a draw in which the total number of invitations has exceeded 3500 and the CRS cut-off has dropped as well. We can expect more positive changes to happen in the future draws.

As we have mentioned before, Canada started the year with a low cut-off range. But it increased on the February draws. Again, the CRS seemed to drop down by a point in each invitation rounds of April and May. We also saw a score of 470, which probably the highest increase in the current year (so far). But now the scores are again coming down, good news for you!

We hope the cut-off will drop down to 440- 50s in the coming months, most expectedly before the October election, considering the change in the ruling government may bring new rules and policy changes.

As our customer, are you in the Express Entry pool with all the right documents? We know many of you’re with a score range that is usually taken as a cut-off score in the previous draws. Then, let’s hope for the best.

Furthermore, we are very pleased to say that many of our customers got provincial nominations this month from provinces like Alberta. Also, many PNPs are now open to select applicants.

The provincial nomination is an alternative if you are not confident with your CRS score. If you wish to know what it takes to get a nomination from a PNP, our immigration experts can help. All you have to do is help us to set up a call with you by replying to this email with your preferred schedule. Or you can call your case manager now.

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