Did You Know Quebec, Newfoundland PNPs Are Selecting Applicants?

It is just the beginning of July yet we’re busy with subsequent provincial openings and application selections. Last week, many provinces conducted invitation rounds and updated their website with new migration changes. Fortunately, many of our customers received their nominations.

Those who are still waiting let’s receive these updates with optimism. Some of our clients were waiting for a very long time but with the nomination, that is now all forgotten stories.

The Alberta PNP conducted a draw last week and issued invitations to applicants with IT and NON-IT occupations. Here are the NOCs (National Occupational Classification) that received the most number of nominations.

6314 – Customer and information services supervisors

1241 – Administrative assistants

2173 – Software engineers and designers

1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting

0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers

Alberta has not disclosed the draw results in the official website. Even if your occupation does not belong to any of the above NOCs, still there are chances that Alberta will open for you according to its labour market demands.

Here is a preview of what Alberta nomination looks like:

The province of Alberta offers a great opportunity for the skilled workers who are in the pool but unable to reach the Federal cut-off, that is currently ranging between 450- 455. Although there are high chances that the score will eventually come down, it is still a challenge for many candidates with CRS below 430. Know more about Alberta’s Job market here!

The Province of Quebec conducted its first invitation round of 2019. It was much-awaited news as the province was on headlines for making reformations in its immigration system. The applicants who were registered under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program category with an Expression of Interest profile in the Arrima portal received nominations.

In this draw round, Quebec prioritized candidates with a validated job offer from a local employer or the applicant was a temporary resident of Quebec or were working or studying in Quebec at the time on the invitation.

What is Arrima System?

The system Arrima resembles the Federal Express Entry in many ways. Such as the candidates need to submit EOI profiles with all the required information (i.e. education, the area of training, language proficiency, work experience etc). After submission, the province will issue invitations to those candidates who fulfil the criteria and eligible as per the Quebec labour market needs.

Action Plan: Submit your profile in the Arima portal Today!

Quebec will admit 40,000 new permanent residents in 2019. Considering the quota, this year, we hope the majority of new admissions to Quebec will come through the provincial economic immigration programs. To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to lodge your Expression of interest application in the Arrima portal.

If you are already a client, you know V&P do not charge for any provincial application, hence, if your profile is eligible you would have already been added to Arima.

On 2nd July 2019, the Province of British Columbia conducted its Tech pilot invitation round and issued 42 invitations with a minimum score of 90. The total number of invitations were distributed among the SI – Skilled Worker, SI – International Graduate, EEBC – Skilled Worker, and EEBC – International Graduate sub-category.

Express Entry candidates with a BC provincial nomination will be awarded an additional 600 Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, which will be an advantage in the Federal EE draw.

The Newfoundland PNP opened for the applicants with a job offer and updated a few requirements on the website. We have yet to receive any clear picture on draw results but its a good news considering the province rarely opens for foreign migrants.

Like Quebec, we are hoping to see reformations in the provincial migration system in this year. Even though the current requirement comprises a job offer but there are high chances of the provincial government to select applicants from the EE pool on the basis of labour market requirements without any job offer.

It happened in the past. Many provinces, in the beginning, asked for an employment offer. But soon realized that it is hard to fulfil the quota with a handful of applicants who have jobs from the provincial employer. It means Newfoundland and Labrador may join the march that provinces like Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia started a few years ago.

To Summarize

PNPs take some time to officially announce the invitation round or draw results. But we get to notify as soon as any of our clients receive their nominations. So you are getting informed priorly of the provinces that are active now. It gives you the advantage to prepare yourself in the pool with all documents to receive an invitation.

For which category, under what province you need to apply, we can help you with that. Call your case manager today!

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