Ever Thought of Living in Canada? You and Your Family may have a Very Good Chance of Making Your Dream a Reality!

As you know, there are so many immigration streams under 10 provinces and 3 territories, it is quite difficult to track which are active now, what sort of changes are being implemented or how to apply for a PNP sponsorship? This is why we send weekly newsletters exclusively detailing the provincial immigration activities.

Applicants are offered to apply for a PNP mainly under two types of streams, direct streams and express-entry linked streams. As most of our clients apply through EE will get 600 points, leading to an invitation to apply (ITA) in the subsequent draws.

Here is a summary of PNP openings in the past few weeks!

3rd September 2019 – British Columbia invited 546 candidates to apply to the BC PNP, under the Express Entry, and Skills Immigration categories.

4th September 2019 –  Nova Scotia held a Labour Market Priorities draw after three months and invites 204 Express Entry candidates (French speakers).

10th September 2019 – British Columbia invited 57 candidates under the Express Entry and Skills Immigration categories.

11th September 2019 – Nova Scotia announced to launch a new Express-Entry aligned stream for the applicants with an occupation of Physician. The Atlantic province is turning trying to migrate more doctors to fill the vacancies and improve the healthcare system.

11th September 2019 – Manitoba invited 360 candidates under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and the International Education streams. Among these, 32 went to the candidates with an Express Entry profile.

12th September 2019 – Manitoba invited 347 candidates under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and the International Education streams. Among these, 45 went to the candidates with an Express Entry profile. With this round, a total of 6,157 LAAs (Letter of Advice to Apply) have now been issued in 2019 through these three immigration pathways, by Manitoba.

12th September 2019 – Alberta invites 294 Express Entry candidates in the latest selection round.

18th September 2019 – Saskatchewan has expanded the demand occupation list for the Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand streams. We will discuss it in our next newsletter with complete detail about the current job market details.

Any Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers a valuable route to Canadian permanent residence. Although a few years ago, it was unthinkable for PNPs to be open all year around, now the program is par with the Federal Express Entry. To be more correctly, they are intaking migrants at an astonishing rate by conducting multiple rounds. That is why we at V&P have migration agents who are solely focused on PNPs. As not every eligible applicant gets the chance to be selected in the monthly EE rounds, PNP is in a phrase a golden opportunity.

These agents carry a vast PNP experience as well as the knowledge of changes and reformations. They are fully trained to analyse a candidate’s profile, needs, and deduct which of these provinces he/she can apply for or suitable for (according to the occupation) and how to increase the chances of getting an invitation on time.

Now we are in the year 2019. And the Canadian Dream still is alive and well. As a progressive country that accepts people of every ethnicity and background, it is a great place to live and build a life with your family. Many of our clients who have migrated there say, it is indeed a beautiful country. Starting from lifestyle to earning, they have experienced many positive changes and come to love this country called the Great White North. The Candian dream they believed in while they were in India, they say it was a worthy investment.

So, what is your Canadian Dream? Are you looking for a good-paying job in Canada? How about having a home in any Canadian city? or maybe you want to start a business and be self-employed? Do you want to live in a beautiful foreign country where there is no indiscrimination against any ethnicity? 

If yes, write back to us. Simply, just reply to this email and talk about what you wish to do after immigrating to Canada. We are here to listen and assist you to realize your dream. Or pick your phone, dial us now to discuss the opportunity that is knocking on your door. 

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