[Canada] 17th April EE Draw | Changes to Saskatchewan PNP and British Columbia Nomination Round

On 17th April 2019, Canada Federal Express Entry conducted its second draw of the month. In the process, 3,350 ITAs (invitations to apply) were issued to the permanent residence candidates.

The CRS (Comprehensive Ranking Score) score for this draw was 451. The Tie-break date for this invitation round was April 2, 2019, at 15:01:49 UTC. It means candidates who submitted their Express Entry profiles prior to mentioned date/time and had the required scores were eligible to receive an ITA. The candidates will get 60 days of time to submit a complete Canadian permanent residence application to IRCC.

Let’s look at the total number of ITAs issued in the Federal Express Entry draws, as of April.

Action Plan

It must be frustrating for you to see the current CRS score as it may not be easy for every applicant to reach the threshold of 450 points. But it is worth to wait in the EE pool, considering the positive changes in 2019. Remember, they do not only choose the highest scoring candidates but also consider the LONGEST processing applications. Those who have been committed to this the longest will be rewarded first.

Canada has issued a total of 27,900 Invitations to Express Entry candidates in 2019. Whereas in 2018, a total of 21,000 ITAs were issued by 17th April 2019.

As long as they keep inviting a high number of migrants, there are chances of minimum score to come down. If you look at the graph, you can see it is actually coming down since Feb 2019. Let’s always maintain a positive outlook with an opportunity like this.

Furthermore, the provinces are scouting the EE pool for applicants. And their agenda is not only to target the high scorers but check the NOC, Qualifications and overall outlook of the applicants who can benefit their specific labour market.

Continuing, The Province Saskatchewan (Regina) Conducts a Draw …

On 17th April 2019, SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrants Nomine Program) conducted an Expression of Interest invitation round. The draw targeted the candidates with work experience in specific occupations in the new demand list.

A total of 324 invitations were issued to Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand applicants. Moreover, in this draw round, many newly added occupations were targeted.

What Should You Understand?

The number of invitations issued in each SINP draw is dependent on annual processing target, and the provincial labour market demands.

Invited candidates will have 60 days to submit a complete online application to the SINP and provide documents that support the information of the EOI application. There is a chance of rejection if the candidate provides false or misleading information.

Did you know Saskatchewan added 13 new occupations and updated the demand list on 4th April 2019? Now, once again, they have re-updated it in a very short interval (on 17th April). Here is the New Occupation list!

You can understand how frequently the changes are happening. They removed some of the NOCs and added new occupations to keep up with the labour market demands. Therefore, we always advise staying in the pool to take these opportunities as soon as they become available to us.

Since the province has updated the occupation list, we should expect that the that SINP is planning to conduct a healthy number of draws to invite candidates with skills in each of these occupations.

British Columbia (Victoria) Conducts a Tech Pilot Draw on 16th April 2019

The technology sector is a major driver of economic growth in British Columbia. In the years 2017 and 2018, tech employment continued to stay at its highest peak. Considering the demand for skilled workers in Tech sectors, a pilot program under the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) works to ensure to fulfil the labour market demands.

According to the official announcement, British Columbia PNP invited 71 Tech Pilot candidates across five economic categories. The minimum score (for all categories) was 90 points to get an invitation.

Express Entry candidates with a BC provincial nomination will be awarded an additional 600 Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, which will be an advantage in the Federal EE draw. To Know Which Other Canadian Provinces Are Open For Candidates, Click Here!

A provincial nomination is an alternative if you are not confident with your CRS score. As the Federal draw minimum cut-off is hovering at the range of 445-50, we should be more keen to explore provincial options and be 100% ready as and when they become available.
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