Fraud Awareness | How to Avoid Visa Scams When You Want to Work Abroad?

In India, Scam service providers are a growing problem, especially with job offers. As the master fraudsters evolve, it is really difficult to determine whether a job offer is fake or a legitimate one.

In recent years the scammers have found a new angle of exploitation, that is forcing visa services with the promise of a job for the hopefuls. There are many seemingly sophisticated tactics the visa scammers use to lure innocent people. For example, sometimes the thread of scam starts with fake job emails to the candidate saying that he has got a job in some foreign country. If he wants to earn in dollars and live a classy life, he needs to grab the opportunity by getting a work visa.

On our motivation to decrease the number of victims who fall for the job scams, we request you to share the thought if you feel that you have been a victim of visa scam or you think others can benefit from this post by knowing how these scams work.

Here are the top tips to look for to avoid being scammed!!

Tip #1: It is Unlikely Any Overseas Company Would Find You On Naukri!

Many developed countries have their own immigration system with an advanced process to manage it. For example, Canada has the Express Entry System and Australia with the Expression of Interest System. If an employer has a requirement for highly skilled professionals, they would likely search the immigration system first to select the candidates.

Also, you should know that Naukri or any other Indian job sites are not widely known outside of India. Therefore, anyone contacting you saying they have an international opportunity, you should be alarmed because the scams have been happening over job sites thanks to a rapid increase in the online job search.

Tip #2: What is the Interview Process?

No matter of the skills or field, you have to appear for an interview to get a job. If the company outright offers you a job without first completing an interview process, then again this should raise concerns.

Tip #3: Asking You To Pay ANY Fee, Especially The Visa Fees

In most countries, it’s actually illegal for the employer to ask the overseas employee to cover any visa costs. If the company requires your skills that much, they would be happy to pay all costs associated with the relocation, including the visa fee! Never pay a relocation fee on the promise that it’ll be reimbursed once you land. Again, this is rarely every legitimate.

Tip #4: Review The Documents And Salary Related to the Job Offer

A lot of the time it’s easy to detect a fraud offer just by reviewing the documents that the company sends. Are the documents missing an official email ID? Or do they mention “Gmail” or “Hotmail” accounts?  Remember, no official email ID means no official company.

When they call themselves the “embassy” or they want to connect you directly to the “embassy”, this again is generally high risk. You should know that the embassies do not have tie-ups with employers. We all need to follow the same visa process to apply for a work permit!

The salary is also another giveaway. If they are offering an extortionate salary then it’s clear they are unaware of the local market rate. We have seen fake offers with a salary of CAD 15,000 per MONTH for a Restaurant Manager. This you can clearly determine as fake by checking local job boards in the country where you have been offered.

Tip #5: Use Google!

You can simply do a Google search to see if a scam is in operation. For example, if the company name is “XYZ” you can Google “XYZ Fake Offer” or “XYZ Scam Offer Letter”.


The truth is, in order to get an offer of employment in this day and age you generally require Permanent residence. Countries like Australia, UK, Canada – employers rarely sponsor international applicants unless they are under an intra-company transfer or they have a niche occupation.

Many applicants approach us asking an Immigration Consultancy to assure them of a job – we can only review job potentials once the applicant has the right to live and work in those countries. Hence we assess them for permanent residence opportunities. We tell them the truth about their job prospects thereafter. However, there are visa consultancies that will offer job guarantees. This is rarely possible without the right to live and work in that country

We have experienced quite often how little knowledge people possess on the grounds of working abroad. In recent years, the figures of visa scams in India are startling. Especially in the metros like Delhi, last year, people paid lakhs for a work visa but eventually learned that it was a scam by one or other agency. Even in Aug 2018,  the Australian High Commission warned the Indian potential applicants to exercise caution when visa agencies are offering jobs.

That is why we write this post for you and millions like you who dream to find a life in a foreign country but end up being a victim of fraud. The fraudulent services go greater lengths to trick you, so it is better to educate yourselves and spread the awareness to prevent the scams.

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