[FSC, New South Wales] Regional Australia to Invite More Skilled Workers!

New Updates from RDA FSC (Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast), Australia-

1. ALL Applicants applying to the Far South Coast region MUST have a minimum of 65 points on the Skill select EOI.

2. This skills list may change without notice.

What is RDA FSC (Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast)?

Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast (RDA FSC) is the Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for the Far South Coast of New South Wales. This is a symbol of collaboration and partnership between the Australian government and the territorial government to support the growth and development of the region.

Considering the major challenges of the future, the regional government of Far South Coast has modified its rules and regulations. One of the changes is the eligibility criteria of getting 65 points, that means all the candidates who score 55 points or above would be able to qualify for the 489 (Skilled Regional visa). How? The candidates will receive additional 10 points upon their selection under the regional category and it will help them to reach the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) score requirements (i.e. 65 points). For more information, call us! You can read more about the occupations here.

What Should You Understand?

489 Regional visa is one of the best pathways to obtain a Permanent residency in Australia. This visa allows skilled workers to live and work in regional Australia (metropolitan areas) for up to four years. And with an overall of 2 years (2 years stay and 1 year working experience in any industry, in any occupation) you will be eligible to apply for the Permanent residency visa.

DHA is selecting the IT profiles with points between 65-75. So 489 might be the ultimate pathway to immigrate to Australia for the IT professionals as well as for other In-demand occupations.

RDA – Far South Coast is a key facilitator for changes and development in the NSW south coast region. The region has been putting efforts towards the growth of the economy and the creation of job opportunities.
The committee of RDA – Far South Coast is comprised of local business leaders (with broad and diverse skills and experience) who help the government to identify priorities and opportunities for employment, and economic and community development in the region. And the current changes prove that the regional job market has the need of foreign Skilled workers.
Regional Australia

Your Action Plan

Over the past decade, the skilled worker ratio in the bigger cities has increased, while the rural and regional Australia has been facing scarcity of highly skilled workers in the labor market.

Despite having employment opportunities and technology development, people feel reluctant to move to little remote areas. But this is not a concern in Australia; as it is a technologically advanced country, you can find a city-based lifestyle anywhere. Also, the job market has greater need of professionals like you. That is why, you should take the opportunity to benefit from the new jobs and the better access to renowned firms.

In simple words, Employment is growing in regional Australia. Currently, the regional areas are actively attempting to attract and retain more skilled professionals. If you are interested to move to Australia, the right time is now.

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