Global Epidemic! However Canada Still Need Migrants in The Country

The global pandemic caused by the Novel Coronavirus has stirred many countries, leading them to be embroiled in an emergency alert to protect their citizens by any means. The biggest impact has been seen in the travel industry, where countries are closing borders, visas getting banned for travellers (coming from specific countries), or a strong screening process for migrants.

In the past few weeks, the situation in Canada has taken a drastic turn. The PM, Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada will temporarily close its borders for those who are not citizens or do not have permanent residency status.

Currently, a total of five Canadian provinces have declared public health emergencies. So, for Canada to take aggressive steps towards tourists and temporary migrants, and refugees are nothing unusual. But it does not mean that Canada will stop immigration. On this ground, you as a potential migrant need not have doubts.  Also, it is a country with an advanced healthcare system.

A World Pandemic, But Canada Still Needs Migrants! Logical Reasons Explained!

Last week Canada announced its 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan. According to which Canada welcomed 320,000 newcomers in 2018 and 341,000 immigrants in 2019. Now, it is again targeting the admissions of 341,000 immigrants in 2020; an additional 351,000 in 2021, and another 361,000 (may reach up to 390,000) in 2022.

Canada will continue to admit newcomers under the economic class, with 58% set to arrive through the likes of Express Entry programs, the Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec’s programs, and other federal streams such as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP).

The news overwhelmed us and it was just before the Covid-19 crisis. However, this is exactly the reason why Canada still values migration and has plans to intake migrants when the situation becomes under control.

There will be a post- epidemic impact on Canada’s job market (including the provinces) and they will need more people to stabilise the economy by filling the immediate job vacancies. We also should not forget the obstacles Canada is still facing in regards to population, skills requirement and the mass retirement of the previous generation of workers.

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What gives us hope that Canada is not restricting the entry of PR holders, rather the PM in a statement mentioned: “It is time to come home if you are outside of Canada”. This shows how much they value migrants who live in Canada on PR, even in a drastic situation.

Canada has always been a country to give dreams to migrants and refugees. Although the borders are closed now, it is just to protect the well-being of citizens, like any other country for the time being. So you do not need to panic, even their federal department for immigration is still working for people, in the current situation. The draws are happening regularly and applications are being selected.

So, we would advise rather worrying over a situation that you cannot control, it is better to work for your goal of moving to Canada. Such as taking this time to prepare your remaining documents, increasing your IELTS score etc.

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Here is a Draw Update of Prince Edward Island PNP!

On 19th March 2020, i.e. today, Prince Edward Island may conduct a new Expression of Interest draw, according to the Calendar of 2020 Draw Rounds that PEI published last month. The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) draw will invite candidates from Express Entry, Labour Impact and Business Impact streams.

We will update you as soon as we get the updates from PEI PNP. Keep reading our newsletters for the latest news. Also, to know more about the PNP application process and how to get one to migrate to Canada, call us. We will be happy to assist.

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