Have a Nursing Occupation? New Brunswick is Looking for Experienced Nurses Like You

The province of New Brunswick has proposed a Nursing Resource Strategy to recruit more international nurses to deliver much-needed health care to New Brunswickers.

Do You Have a Nursing Experience? This is an Opportunity For You!

From 2019, New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) will attract and retain registered nurses as the provincial workforce. Even the foreign students who are pursuing Nursing will get benefits from the province.

The Ministry of health projects that a shortage of at least 130 registered nurses (RNs) will happen in each year over the next 10 years. It means when we reach 2028 there could be a need for 1,300 RNs (Approx.) During this time, New Brunswick Labour Market Outlook estimates a total of 4,376 RN jobs will openFind the government report here!

In this regard, New Brunswick Health Minister Ted Flemming says, “We have got a demand for health care which is growing in the range of 5% a year, we have an economy that is growing 1.2% a year”. 

Before we mentioned that the province has the fastest ageing population. Reports state that they have the highest percentage of the population over 65 years in the country. Now the death rate surpasses the birth rate. 

In the ageing workforce, the current Nurses in the province are also included. It seems 41% of registered nurses (RNs) in New Brunswick are 50 years of age or older.

As the population ages, the demand for health services and long-term care will increase correspondingly. Therefore, registered nurses (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) professions have taken over the labour market as one of the demanded hirings.

What Should You Understand?

It’s not always a province announces to recruit specific occupation workers and will help them to settle in Canada. In this program, New Brunswick will use multiple pathways to invite Nurses.

1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot’s High-Skilled Worker Stream- you may be asked for a job offer from a designated employer.

2. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program – you have to be in the express-entry pool to get an invitation in the Federal draws.

3. Invitation from NBPNP – you will get an additional 600 points in your CRS to get an invitation in the subsequent Federal draw.

The good news is the province of New Brunswick is currently accepting Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from individuals with a job offer and are already in the province. But getting a direct job offer from NB or any other province is not easy without living there. So, going through EE selection is the best pathway for you as you don’t need to worry about a work permit.

Once you get an invitation, you have to move there and live and work for at least 2 years before moving to any other place. But the Atlantic province invites candidates directly from the federal Express Entry pool in response to provincial labour-market needs.

So, here is a prediction! In the coming months, when the PNP will exhaust its resource of selecting candidates from inside of Canada, they may turn to the overseas applicants without a job offer, a common pattern which was adapted by provinces like Ontario, PEI in the past. We believe, the Nursing may be in the Top occupations to scout in the coming draw rounds. But to get an invitation, you have to be in the Express Entry pool to show your interest to live and work in the province.


The Nursing Association of NB has praised the government’s action to overcome workforce issues. According to government reports, entire Canada has a similar demand in the local labour markets.

One of the advantages we get from PNP is, we do not have to worry about a very high CRS score as it is mostly based on the demand of an applicants’ occupation. We have customers who have received invitations with scores around 400. 

If you’re reading our newsletters, you must be aware of that from the testimonial images and reports we provide. For more updates on any PNP, call our immigration experts today. We have talents who exclusively work for PNP sponsorships, including NBPNP. They are here to help you. So, let’s not delay anymore!!

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