[Immigrants in Canada] Why are They Relocating to Alberta?

Alberta, the heart of Western Canada with the year-round sunshine and breathtaking scenery. Sounds lovely, isn’t it? This Prairie province attracts a large crowd of immigrants because of the low unemployment rates, high-income levels, falling crime rates and affordability that the Albertan cities offer.

In a true sense, Alberta is a cool place to live. In 2018, the popularity of this province as a migrant destination has even surpassed British Columbia.  Here are the reasons:

1. Alberta is Developing at a Faster Pace

Not so long ago, the province was shaken by the recession and the oil sands lost the profitability. But the situations have improved since 2017. Alberta’s oil industry is rebounding and many industries are thriving more than ever.

The emerging industries in  Alberta are– Aerospace and defence, Agriculture and food industry, Engineering and construction, Environmental products and services, Financial services, Industrial manufacturing, Information and communication technologies, Life sciences, Oil and gas, Tourism, Logistics and market access etc.


In 2018, Calgary ranked 4th on the list of “Most Livable Cities in the World” — a great news. Aside from Calgary and Edmonton, the cities like St. Albert (completely traffic free), Strathcona County, Canmore are also quite popular among the immigrants due to the opportunity they offer.

2. Did you know Albertans pay less tax, unlike other Canadians?

It’s true. The “Tax Advantage” bill was passed in the year 2007. Since then, a flat tax system has been implemented (About 10%) for all the citizens (regardless of how much money they make). This is what makes Alberta stand out among the other Canadian provinces.

3. Who wouldn’t love a vast blue sky, gorgeous Rocky Mountains and beautiful lakes?

In India or any other country, if you are living in a metro, it is quite tough to enjoy nature. As our lives are way too hectic, we usually don’t get time to make plans for a long trip to enjoy nature’s abundance. But it’s different in Alberta. No matter which city you are in, the sky is clear, lovely, and pollution free.  

Moreover, who wouldn’t love to go to work while viewing a picture-perfect landscape?

Alberta is one of the most beautiful provinces, home to many world-class natural reserves and parks. That is why it is a magnet for the travellers.

4. It is Not All About Money- Life is Richer in Alberta

There is no doubt that people in Alberta earn a lot of money. As we mentioned before, due to the low tax rates and high economic growth, many Albertan cities like Edmonton and Calgary have become commercial centres.  Yet they are really affordable for economy class migrants.

Alberta is the top-most state to provide high salary wage and hourly pay.  In 2017, more than 100,000 migrants relocated from other provinces to Alberta. The main reason was to find high-paying, stable jobs. Not only that, now Alberta boasts a 17% of national immigrant intake, which is equal to Quebec and a lot more than BC.

The following are a few of the occupations with a forecasted labour shortage of more than 1,000 workers by 2025:

  1. Managers in construction and transportation (NOC A37)
  2. Computer and information systems professionals (NOC C07)
  3. Nurse supervisors and registered nurses (NOC D11)
  4. Medical technologists and technicians (NOC D21)
  5. Sales and service supervisors (NOC G01)
  6. Childcare and home support workers (NOC G81)
  7. Motor vehicle and transit drivers (NOC H71)
  8. Contractors, operators and supervisors in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture (NOC I01)

Find more information here!

But that’s not all. Life is richer here because people enjoy it to full extent. The citizens are not very money-centric. Rather than doing overtime on holidays, they plan to go on vacations and explore the nature.


Albertans are also the people with the highest expenditure in the entire nation. People take high-paying jobs so that they would buy expensive clothes, afford lavish holidays, buy new homes, furniture etc.

In this context, there is a famous saying about Alberta, you would hear from every Canadian you meet:

Albertans work to live, while in other places, people live to work.

Aside of economic fortune, the people in Alberta are really friendly. You would enjoy an easy-going lifestyle under a beautiful sky.

Did you know Edmonton is called the “Festival City”?  As an Indian, you would find the city to be very nostalgic. The reason is– in Edmonton, people love to celebrate. They have many festivals that they celebrate all year round, exactly like us.

5. Do You Dream to Own a Home in Canada? Alberta is Just For You!

No matter where we live, we all dream to have our own house. But it is not easy, as you have to save every penny you earn to finally afford a home. But that is not a big concern in the province of Alberta.

Owning your own home is more affordable in Alberta than any other Canadian city. Alberta housing rates are the lowest in the nation. What could be more appealing than this?

To Conclude:

In 2017, Alberta’s real GDP by industry grew by 4.9%– the largest gain among the provinces. In June 2018, the Employment rates rose by 1.5%.

The overall migrant inflow in 2018 first half was 8,500. During this time,

Alberta welcomed 6,638 net international migrants. It is evident that Opportunities are immense in Alberta, especially for the skilled workers.

As the Alberta government is eager to welcome more immigrants to fill labour shortages, they are reforming the immigration policies and making it more easy for the foreign workers.

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