[Immigration] Canada Beginning of the Year Updates!

We have sent many updates stating why Canada is the best option for abroad dreamers looking for a good life and employment opportunities. Being named as one of the advanced countries of the 21st century that continues to climb the ladders of success, Canada is suitable for Indian talented skilled workers. What if you miss the opportunity? Why is it important to plan now?

Like every year, we are expecting new changes in July. As you know it takes an avg. a year of time to get a PR. So, if you don’t start now and any rule changes to not so favourable one, then it will be harder to get an entry to Canada. 

Time is precious in immigration and we provide the resource and plans to get you a visa. Instead of waiting, why not start your visa process today and enter the pool at the earliest. There will be many invitation rounds and this year’s quota is more than last year’s. It means we will see more invitations.

There is another reason why we discuss Canada so much. When we talk about living in a foreign country, be it the US or Europe, as long as you qualify (according to its specific migration rules), you can go anywhere. But the question is, can you be a citizen of the country permanently and give your family all the benefits of a native populace? 

No, on temporary visas, this is a far-fetched dream. And you know very well that the countries are being reluctant to immigration, of course except for Canada. The country invites all kinds of migrantas, starting from trade workers, students to rare skilled experts. 

The popularity of this country has risen once again in the hearts of many across the globe as;

  1.  it placed first in three of the six individual categories that were used to rank the 50 countries immigration and investment, people and governance
  2. It was also the only nation in the top five that improved its standing in governance, culture, and tourism. Yes, we are talking about the recent survey by Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index (NBI). 
  3. Moreover, Canada is the only top five country that has made advancements in these fields while other top countries do not show much signs of development in comparison to their past records.
  4. Along with that, the Institute for Economics and Peace releases the Global Peace Index, recently. In the list, Canada occupies the 6th position and confirms that even with having constant immigration and development of communities of different ethnicity, still the public order and law is implemented strictly.
  5. It boasts a low crime rate and “non-existent” tension among the economic classes.

Indeed, Canada in 2020 already seems to be promising for potential immigrants. There were many speculations on the post-government election scenarios. But, so far, we are only getting good updates that are benefiting our customers. Here is a summary!

This Year’s First Express Entry draw Issues 3,400 Invitations

The latest Express Entry draw saw a 3,400 number of invitations with a 473 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) cut-off.

As always, the tie-breaking rule was implemented on the 8th January draw. The time and date for this round were December 27, 2019, at 13:35:09 UTC. It means if more than one candidate had the minimum CRS score (473), only those who submitted their Express Entry profiles before this date and time have received invitations in this draw round.

Manitoba Initiates the 2020 Immigration By Issuing 186 in its 1st Expression of Interest draw

Manitoba provincial program is a highly sought-out immigration system at a provincial level that detects and supports the labour market by adding migrants to the communities. 

On 2nd Jan 2020, qualified candidates under the International student graduates, skilled workers Manitoba and overseas were invited in the latest Expression of Interest draw.

The MPNP released details of the draw yesterday on its official website. Invitations were distributed as follows:

  • Skilled workers in Manitoba: 122
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: 42
  • International Education: 22

In the recent EE draw round, our clients have received invitations, in addition we also secured a few PNP nominations. For more information on provinces or EE draws, call us for our assistance.

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