India Ranks 1st in Getting the Highest Number of Canada Express Entry Invitations

Every year, a higher number of Indian economic class immigrants move to Australia, Canada, US and European nations. And most Indians are opting for Canada as a safe, promising, and immigration-friendly destination where they can build their lives.

In The News

A new Express Entry report from the Canadian Government mentions-  In 2016 and 2017, the Indian Express Entry candidates have received the highest number of  invitations to apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). 

India Ranks 1st
The number of ITAs issued for Indian EE candidates tripled in one year! And India still ranks 1st, which is why we strongly believe this trend will continue in 2018 and in the upcoming years.

India Ranks 1st

India Ranks 1st

So, why do Indian candidates get the highest numbers of invitations from the Canadian government? Keep reading to know more!

Reason 1. Increasing number of Skilled workers

A recent study proclaims, India is projected to have a skilled labour surplus of 245 million workers by 2030. It would be the only country to have the vast supply of working age citizens.

While the economy powerhouses like America, UK, Australia, Canada are expected to face talent scarcity in the future, India, thanks to its skilled population growth and the government efforts to boost workers’ skills will produce more qualified professionals.

The study also predicts that the following industries will have the highest talent surplus in India:

  1. Financial services – 1.1 million
  2. Technology, Telecommunications- 1.3 million
  3. Manufacturing- 2.4 million

In the recent years, Canada’s Aging workforce has become an obstacle to the country’s growth, while 65% of the entire Indian population is in the working age. Therefore, over the years, India has become a major supplier of skilled and talented individuals for Canada.

Reason 2. Indian Education Programs Boost the Workforce

As previously stated, the workforce required by the world will be provided by India as the country with highest number of young skilled workers.

That is why India is boosting the education system for the youngsters to gain the required skill sets that would help them to compete in a global stream.

Reason 3. English as an Academic Language

India is known to be the country with the largest English-speakers in Asia and the 2nd largest in the whole world. Although the population plays a major role in this, it is quite an achievement for a developing country.

English has a unique importance in our country. It plays a crucial role as a majority of the entire population speak English and students from India are predominantly English-educated.

As you know, proving your English language proficiency is a major step in getting a visa. It is no wonder that Indian candidates are first choices for foreign employers.

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Your Action Plan

We have presented you the immigration data, facts and analytics that say- you should stop beating around the bush as the perfect time is now. If you are eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Skilled Worker Program, and want to live and work in Canada, call us today to start your visa application.

In 2016 and 2017, Hundreds of our fellow Indian immigrants have moved to Canada and found a better life, we believe that 2018 will not disappoint us. Moreover, we expect to see more invitations being issued to the Indian EE candidates.

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