[MPNP Updates | Labor Market Insights] How to Find a Job in Manitoba?

Manitoba is a popular destination for immigrants in Canada, and most of the foreign workers live in and around the capital city of Winnipeg. MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) conducts frequent draws, mainly via two subclasses to invite skilled workers.

Recently, Manitoba conducted a draw and issued 170 new invitations to the Canada permanent residence candidates. The province selected candidates from Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream. Along with, the province also sent LAAs (Letters of Advice to Apply) to the applicants of International Education streams.

Since many of our clients like you chose the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, let’s explore more about this pathway.

In Detail

The Province of Manitoba conducted its 65th draw, recently. And like the previous round, the province only invited 52 applicants, directly under its Strategic Recruitment Initiative. The ranking score of the lowest-ranked candidate was 616 (a drop of 16 points from the previous round).

There were no invitations issued for MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) Express Entry linked stream. But there are high possibilities of province sending out invitations to express entry candidates soon.

This year, Manitoba has opened for Overseas Express Entry candidates for seven times since January. In each of these draws, the minimum score continued to drop until it reached 561. Thanks to the multiple invitation rounds in a month, a few of our clients have already received nominations and some are waiting in the pool to get their invitations.

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Job Sector Insights

In this post, we are sharing the findings on Manitoba Labour Market (2019-2024). The report is made by Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade Association. According to the data, Winnipeg remains one of the most affordable major cities in Canada.

Furthermore, Winnipeg (capital) will be the destination for most of the migrants who come to Canada through the MPNP program. That is why the city has been making many developments to adjust the population and create equal opportunities for every resident.

The Manitoba economy is expected to see a total of 168,700 job openings (growth by an average of 1.7% annually) between 2019 and 2024 with 66% of these openings to replace worker retirements and deaths.

Manitoba’s labour market is expected to lift hourly wage by an average of 2.3% annually over the next five years.

Job openings in business, finance and administration occupations are estimated at 26,400 or 15.7%, while occupations in education, law and social, community and government services at 23,600 or 14%.

For all occupation groups, replacement demand will be more prominent than expansion demand over the forecast period. But in Health care and Sales and Services, expansion demand will be equal to the replacement demand. However, not every industry will see a high rate of growth, such as construction employment may see a downfall from 2019 onwards until the year 2025.

Due to the job vacancies, there will be a demand for additional 168,400 workers over the forecast period to offset the total labour demand. The additional supply is forecasted to consist of 92,600 new entrants, 38,600 net in-migrants and 37,200 net other in-mobility workers.

Overall, Manitoba’s labour market is expected to remain balanced over the projection period. However, labour shortages or surpluses may exist for individual occupations and in some regions of the province.

In each year from 2019 to 2024, labour supply may exceed labour demand by an average of 6,400 workers. The unemployment rate is expected to remain fairly consistent over the forecast period.

Note* Due to the unpredictable economy changes, this analysis and data may change.

How To Find a Job in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Winnipeg supports and gives opportunities to assist every migrant in any stage for employment.

1. Training and Employment Services, Manitoba– An institution that helps Manitobans to prepare for employment. A wide range of employment and training services are offered through thirteen Centres situated across Manitoba as well as through partner organizations and employers.

2. Opportunities for Employment– A non-profit organization that provides employment assistance services in Winnipeg including career training, computer literacy, and establishing contact between their clients and prospective employers. The organization also conducts weekly forums to connect employers with job seekers. Since its founding, the institution has successfully placed over 20,000 individuals in the Manitoban job market.

3. Youth Employment Services- As the name suggests, it provides Free employment services for youth (between 16 and 29 years of age).

4. Manitoba Start- Being partnered with many Manitoba employers, it identifies opportunities in various fields and industries and helps the residents to find job opportunities.

5. Lastly, the Canada Job Bank that would assist you with employment across the country.

To Conclude

Finding a job is the foremost priority for every immigrant thinking to migrate. But you may not be acquainted with the foreign job market and how to approach the local employers.

That is why, during the visa process, we educate our clients with job opportunities, labour market trends, and introduce them with the pathways to secure a job. Although we do not provide jobs directly, we are proud of the fact that we have never had a PR migrant complaining to us about the shortage of jobs in his/her field in Canada.

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