Newfoundland, Upcoming PNP to Open for the Overseas Workers | Alberta’s New Record in Cut-off Points

The Youngest Canadian Province, Newfoundland and Labrador Extends the Intake of 2019, Speculations of Province Surpassing the 2022 Migration Target

Before digging deeper, let’s discover the facts about the province. As the name suggests, this Canadian province composed of the island of Newfoundland and the mainland, Labrador.

Immigration is a key component of economic and labour market growth in Newfoundland and Labrador. Also, it contributes to the social and cultural vibrancy of the province. In the coming years, the newly admitted Canadians will be an important source of labour force growth for the province. Why do we say this?

According to a government report, Newfoundland is in a state of population/labour force decline due to ageing people. The dwindling rate of youth in the industries making the government worry over economic growth.

In the past years, the demographic challenges are becoming dreadful as the birth rate declines correspondingly. To meet the industrial requirements the government is taking steps to attract more immigrants.

What Should You Expect from Newfoundland PNP?

The PNP notified before that the Newfoundland government will increase the number of immigrants, and by 2022, the province will welcome approximately 1,700 immigrants annually. But now the authorities clarify that the overall number may exceed 1,700 and we may see a surprising figure at the end of 2019.

The government is taking multiple steps to ensure the migrant inflow to the province. Such as,

1. Increase in the IT investments

2. Implement regional innovation systems pilot projects

3. Increasing the salary wages

4. Modernizing the public procurement framework and expand opportunities for local businesses.

5. Establish a major investment projects unit

6. Make a multi-year infrastructure plan publicly available which will outline commitments to education, health, buildings and roads infrastructure over the next five years.

7. Improving the provincial road network

8. Increasing the overall efficiency, effectiveness and affordability of provincially-run social housing programs.

9. oil, gas industry, and renewable energy development

10. Improving health-care and child-care system

11. Enhancing the university and College’s ability to serve as local and regional economic generators and community hubs.

12. Improve community support services

Action Plan

Newfoundland has been a dormant province for years. Being in the immigration industry, we have never seen the province to take major actions to drive immigration before. So, it is indeed an opportunity for us.

When Ontario and British Columbia are getting crowded with too many immigrants, newly developed provinces like Newfoundland shows potential for future opportunities. Since a wide variety of projects are in the plan, there’s no doubt that the province will open for many occupations from various fields. There are chances that it will follow the current trend and select applications from EE pool via a linked stream.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s work for a PNP sponsorship as we can’t solely depend on a Federal draw to fulfil our dreams. Let’s keep as many options open as possible. To know more, call us now!

Another New Record in Alberta PNP’s Success Story!

The province of Alberta conducted multiple invitation rounds in July. In the past two draws, i.e. 24th July and 30th July 2019 the province has invited candidates with a score as low as 303. In these draws, applicants under the Express Entry-aligned immigration stream received invitations. It means you have to first create an Express Entry profile to get a selection from AINP. There was no requirement of a job offer for this category.

We also saw a very low cut-off which is not a very surprising twist, as applicants were selected based on their experience in any demand occupation.

In our previous newsletter, we mentioned a few of our customers with IT and Non-IT occupations received invitations from Alberta in July. Furthermore, administrative health care applications were preferred in the 30th July draw. 

What Should You Understand?

Provincial sponsorships are different from the Federal draws. Although Alberta does not disclose the exact criteria that they use to select candidates, it is not always about scoring high. Because even with high points candidate may fail to get if their occupation is not listed as in-demand.

Alberta offers a great opportunity for the skilled workers who are in the pool but unable to reach the Federal cut-off, that is currently ranging between 450- 456. Although there are high chances that the score will eventually come down, it is still a challenge for many candidates with CRS below 430 or 400.

Thanks to the Alberta PNP, many of our customers who had a score of around 400 received invitations for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

Am I eligible for Alberta? How to find out? Call our experts who exclusively work for many PNP sponsorships and carry many years of valuable experience. 

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