Quebec, Canada Needs a Massive Number of Foreign School Teachers. A Good Number of Applicants May Get Nominations in 2020

One of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada, Quebec’s education ministry launches a campaign to recruit foreign teachers. It is a great opportunity if you have a teaching occupation and are eager to move to Canada.

As any provincial draw, Quebec will open for migrants this year. The above statement by the government proclaims the urgent need of skilled workers with teaching occupation. As the Federal draws are keeping a high threshold, it would be great if Quebec opens soon for demanded occupations.

The government has launched the program with an encouraging catchphrase– “1,216,791 bonnes raisons d’enseigner”, in English– “1,216,791 Good Reasons to Become a Teacher”. The name refers to the average number of current students in Quebec. In addition, it is a statement to all the potential migrants that even if they are not working as teachers in their home country, it’s possible to become one in Quebec. The Quebec government adds, for teachers, there is an excellent job market here.

Besides, if you choose anywhere else to migrate, as long as you get a teaching certificate from the province, you may get the chance to be recruited by the schools in Quebec. Is finding a job been this smooth ever? But we are seeing it in 2020 Canada.

NOTE: Quebec immigration has a new website section “Devenir enseignant” (Becoming a Teacher) has been updated with content for immigrants, students, teachers, and people wishing to change their career.

Shortage of Skilled Teachers in Quebec, How True Is It?

School boards in Montreal have recently acknowledged that the schools are desperate to fill teaching positions. It is at such a level that many recent university graduates are now able to land a full-time job, easily. Moreover, they are choosing their workplace as per their convenience, like choosing a school that is close to your home. Unfortunately, the local authority has no options rather comply with their demands as there is a possibility of losing these few available workers over a refusal.

The entire scenario sounds comical at the same time indicates the fatality of the situation. It is not only the biggest city Montreal but Northern Quebec as in general is facing a skill shortage. The government has no means to distribute talents to every part of Quebec.

To add on, the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) confirms that the province is failing to fix problems within its schools including work conditions and a lack of support for staff. Depravity to this extent will take a few years to resolve. Now, students are heading to schools where there are not many full-time, qualified teachers to guide them. Very unfortunate and hard reality.

How Does It Matter to You?

A bit of analysis would show how this overall scenario may result in! Moreover, there are all kinds of unfavourable speculations in debate among the Quebecers.

1. They may have to close several schools and school boards

2. lowering the number of students

3. Giving entry to not-so-experienced teachers, as they don’t have many skilled ones

None of these is a plausible option, especially lowering students is a fatal step towards growth and development of the province. So that leaves with the option of outsourcing foreign workers. 

1. We can say that the teaching occupation has the highest probability of being a demanded occupation in the next invitation rounds. 

2. The number of nominations won’t be small either. They may accept as many applicants as possible to fill those vacancies.

3. The skilled workers will have abundant job markets to advance their career as well as get exceptional benefits.

The province of Quebec is providing a major career-driven opportunity. Then again, the province has many other sought-out industries that can benefit you. Although Quebec has recently started to focus on migrants, this is a good start. Having your application in Arima portal (Quebec’s immigration system) is now a necessary step to immigrate. If you wish to make Quebec your home, call us today to explore the pathway.

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