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Creating your curriculum vitae (CV) is the first step towards getting shortlisted for a job. To make sure your Resume is good enough to pass the screening test, you need to know what hiring managers are looking for. But you may have no way to gauge what people seek in international markets—so the Resume that can land you an interview call in India may not be as effective in Canada. Here, you need the help of experts who can rewrite your Resume to specifically target the country in which you are applying for a job.


If you have recently received the right to live and work in Canada, or are eligible for the Express Entry application system, then you need to start thinking about your move and ensure that you secure an offer of employment promptly.

There are three reasons why having a Canadian Resume plays a big role:

1. Resumes are country-specific. For example, employers in the Gulf region expect to see a photograph on each Resume, while this may deter a European employer since they are not used to seeing Resumes in this format. So when you upload a Resume to job boards in Canada, you are three times more likely to be shortlisted for a job if your Resume is in a format that Canadian employers recognize. 

2. Having a Canadian Resume can help you with Provincial Nomination applications, should they appear in the future. Again, the people assessing your application will be Canadian. If your Resume speaks to them, you stand a much high chance of being selected. Recently, as part of our Continuing Professional Development as agents, we attended a Government-run program which confirmed that immigration agents put a lot of weight on Resumes—Resumes should tell a strong story about your professional background, and therefore, we feel this is best left to the professionals.

3. As part of your Express Entry application, we need to upload your Resume to the job board on the Canadian government’s website.  All companies having difficulty in recruiting staff within Canada will first look to this board and review the thousands of Resumes that are there. If your Resume is in the appropriate format for Canadian employers and has been keyword optimized, you will stand out from the crowd.

To help you with Resume rewriting, Visas and has partnered with a company that works with experienced, expert Resume writers.

These industry-specific writers know how to make your Resume stand out to recruiters in Canada. Resumes are written specifically for Canada’s labor market requirements. You are allocated an account manager who has a number of years of experience in recruitment within your industry. They ensure that your Resume has all of the keywords employers in your industry are searching on job boards daily. 

You get a free Resume review. Once you upload your Resume, it will be evaluated by a professional Resume expert.

If our partner feels that they can add value to your Resume, you will be notified of their recommendations before you decide to invest in their services. If there is nothing that they feel they can add to your Resume, you will be informed of this prior to them offering you their services. All of this happens in a safe and secure Resume evaluation system.


Please Note: This service is only available to English Language Resumes. 

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What Our Clients Say

I am an expat from Mexico residing in India. My company recently opened up a branch in Bangalore and our HR staff are not fully aware of the procedures in regards of the registration of a foreigner working in India (FRRO). I approached V&P a couple of weeks back to get their help completing my registration. Long story short, after 4 months of trying to get registered, V&P did it for me in only 2 weeks.

It put my mind at ease as they showed their professionalism and just instructed me what they need from me – that is what it’d call an end-to-end service.

Juan M Negrete

My son’s Study Permit to Canada was a complicated case because we were working in Sudan and he was studying in Sudan too, but we decided to apply from Bangalore because the address in our Indian passports was in Bangalore.  I knew I had come to the right place for guidance for his Study Permit. Our case was handed over to Mr.Sunil Roberts. We interacted on a daily basis. Visas and Permits took personal interest in obtaining Study Permit for my son within 2 weeks. I would always recommend them to my friends. You have made my son’s dream come true.

Bhaskar Chakravorti