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You know that you’ve become the best when cheap knock-off brands start trying to rip off your fantastic name….

ReviewsIt happens, we get it…however painful it is!

It’s actually a compliment and otherwise doesn’t really bother me.  What really bothers me however is when these said cheap brands lie to their customers and tell them:

  1. Our head office is in Bangalore, Kudlu gate
  2. Visas and is our sister company
  3. We are partner companies with Visas and

Whats worse? Even their terrible customer feedback is starting to go on our brands fantastic pages!  How do YOU know this? Well, some mention speaking to staff we have simply never employed.  Some reviews mention office locations we simply do not occupy.  Some reviews mention charging them for an assessment when our assessments are free!

Where can I find V&Ps reviews?

Do your homework before engaging ANY brand including ours.  If you want to see TRUE reviews that are for the real deal: Visas and please see our reviews here:  Most are of course 5* but there are even some 1* reviews!  And we won’t hide that.  How are we to learn and improve without some critical feedback?  We don’t claim to be perfect but we certainly claim to be honest and transparent.  We also claim to care and we take that seriously.

Here is what we promise.  You’ll never see:

  • V&P claiming to be someone we are not
  • Ripping off someone else’s hard work
  • Anyone in our team giving dishonest, misleading advice
  • V&P getting reviews that talk about stealing customers money or fraudulent activity!

We’re the real deal.  I do not see any other companies name ripped off as much as ours in the market today.  Customers beware and look for our trusted logo at all times!

See some of our honest testimonials here also!

Vishal Pandey

I have used Visas and Permits twice and i must admit, they are very helpful, friendly and professional. I applied for Australian 190 Visa, from London last year through Visas and Permits. On 12 November i received Visa for Australia for my wife and myself.

There are plenty of Immigration consultancy, but i chose Visas and Permits as one of my friends have used it and he referred me to use them, because of their great services. I would certainly use Visas and Permits again in future and i strongly recommend everyone to use Visas and Permits.

Anusha Sambamurthy

Have had an amazing experience working with V&P. All the staff are very kind and helpful and they work with you right till the end. Timely reminders and follow up’s are one of their best qualities. Keep up the good work guys!!

Bhaskar Chakravorti

My son’s Study Permit to Canada was a complicated case because we were working in Sudan and he was studying in Sudan too, but we decided to apply from Bangalore because the address in our Indian passports was in Bangalore.  I knew I had come to the right place for guidance for his Study Permit. Our case was handed over to Mr.Sunil Roberts. We interacted on a daily basis. Visas and Permits took personal interest in obtaining Study Permit for my son within 2 weeks. I would always recommend them to my friends. You have made my son’s dream come true.

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