Saskatchewan Adds 13 New Occupations as Demands of Following Jobs Rise in The Market…

The province of Saskatchewan had strong economic growth in the years 2007 to 2018. The employments were entirely driven by full-time jobs, making the province rank 3rd in the growth rate among the provinces of Canada. The fact is confirmed by Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison, who says, in the last quarter of 2018, we saw steady growth for the fifth month in a row. So there is no doubt the economy and resource sector will continue to flourish in 2019.

How does the province sustain growth in the fast-growing sectors such as IT, Engineering, Finance and Trade?

This is where the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) plays a key role to keep up with the skill demand. It is acknowledged to be a diverse and active immigration system that offers pathways for the foreign skilled workers, wishing to immigrate to Canada permanently.

So far in 2019, SINP opened for Skilled workers in the month of January. Later in the days, the province only opened for other streams like Entrepreneur. It definitely raises some questions as Saskatchewan has the responsibility to contribute to the country’s immigration quota.

That is why top provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta were busy nominating candidates, since the beginning of 2019. Even the smallest province Prince Edward Land didn’t sit back either. So, why?

SINP has answered the query with a new in-demand occupation list. Let’s take a look at the newly added occupations!

Saskatchewan Adds 13 New Occupations

Removed Occupations

Saskatchewan Adds 13 New Occupations

In Detail

To determine a province’s current demand occupations, the government has to conduct local market research and consult with local business leaders (with broad and diverse skills and experience) who help the government to identify priorities and opportunities for employment, economic and community developments.

Now you can understand that the province took two months of preparation time to state the provincial needs clearly and nominate the skilled occupations that have a demand in the current labour market. That is why we may see SINP open to skilled workers soon.

The new in-demand occupations list applies to two sub-categories of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program i.e.

1. SINP International Skilled Worker – Express Entry

2. SINP International Skilled Worker – Occupations In-Demand

Understanding the occupation list gives you an idea about the requirements you need to fulfil to get a nomination. SINP doesn’t have any minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking  System) Criteria. As long as you have required points with other qualifications and a demand occupation, you may get a nomination from Saskatchewan.

Let’s look at the Noticeable changes in the Occupation List!

1. The most appealing news is, now the total number of occupations in the list is 24, which was previously 20. SINP added 13 new occupations and removed 9 NOCs (National Occupational Classification) from the list.

2. In the new list, three occupations really stand out as many applicants hold skills required to these job vacancies. Those are Accounting Technicians, Computer Programmers, and Architectural Technologists and Technicians.

3. Among the 24 occupations, 9 occupations do not require professional status or licensure. Find more details here!

If your occupation is included in SINP List, start your application today. Do not forget that you must be in the Express Entry Pool to process your SINP application.

A Complete Analysis Saskatchewan Job Market, Expected future growth, and Lifestyle advantages!

Starting with Saskatchewan’s labour demand outlook from 2019 to 2022– the government has estimated that 98,700 job openings are expected to open in the mentioned years. A majority of these job openings (i.e. 74,700) are to replenish the workforce that will diminish after thousands of retirements. The remaining 24,000 job openings are due to the expansion of economic activity in the province.

An avg. of 62% of job openings are for skilled workers. These jobs require candidates with management expertise, or a university degree, a postsecondary diploma, or apprenticeship training. Knowing Indian education standards and the success rates of Indian immigrants in Canada, we are very sure that a lot of Indian skilled workers would be able to take advantage of it. Refer to the graphs below!

Saskatchewan Adds 13 New Occupations

Here are the Occupations that are forecasted (in 2018) to be in demand in the coming years (i.e. 2019 – 22)!

Saskatchewan Adds 13 New Occupations

The forecast was based on the economic conditions of that time (i.e. 2018). But as you know there is a high probability of seeing changes in the economy at any time of the year. It happens due to many unforeseen reasons such as an increase in commodity prices and demand, economic expansion, labour force shortage, or political impact etc.

If you look at the updated occupation list, the logic makes sense as Saskatchewan has included many occupations that were not forecasted before. One such is Software programmers.

As per our observation, the province always had a high demand for Non-It occupations. When coming to IT professions, we indeed received nominations but in the previous update (on October 2018), SINP removed the NOC.

Once a province removes any occupation from the list, you never know when they will add it, once again. Therefore we are very pleased with this change.

Lifestyle Advantages

Saskatchewan offers a high standard of living. That is why immigrants prefer to settle in the province. The average family income is approximately $80,000 CAD, which is higher than the national average. The cost of living in Saskatchewan is quite affordable, especially the Housing rates are the lowest in Canada.

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan; a cultural and commercial centre. But Regina is the second-largest in the province, next to Saskatoon (another megacity with opportunities).

The province has a low-crime rate and the population is ethnically diverse. The air is fresh and less polluted, which is quite a rare find. Furthermore, Saskatchewan has a stable economy, mostly Tech and Industry oriented. With a low cost of living (in comparison to the other provinces in Canada), abundant job opportunities, life is quite easy here.

To Conclude

Saskatchewan aims to lower the unemployment rate with a higher-performing workforce and a more successful economy. The province believes that the migrants can bring such positive flows. As any Canadian province, Saskatchewan also suffers from low population. To stay competitive in the labour market, it needs a crowd of workers that are proficient with their skills.

If you think you are one of those skilled workers and have expertise in any of the demand occupations, do not delay, call us, we can discuss the opportunity because it may not be long before SINP opens with a larger quota.

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