[SINP] Saskatchewan Opens Briefly to Accept 400 Applications

On 13th June 2018, the provincial nomination program (PNP) of Saskatchewan opened its International Skilled Worker – Express Entry sub-category and accepted only 400 applications. It closed in an hour of time as soon as it reached the threshold.

Application Acceptance Criteria:

  1. The candidate must be in the Express Entry Pool.
  2. He/she must have work experience in one of the in-demand occupations of Saskatchewan.

What should you know?

As the province opened during the night around 23h00 IST, our case managers were in the queue to submit the applications of our clients who were ready with their documentation, and in the EE pool.

When it comes to immigration, we all know how quickly things can change.  As always, our case managers put forward all of their best efforts to file these applications. But the server was too slow due to the large volume of applications flooding from the EE pool. Moreover, our RCIC (Regulated Council of Immigration Consultant) team in Canada were ready and prepared to submit the applications but they also faced the same issues.

As our valued client, we want you to rest assured, our team is working on  strategies; conducting meetings; and brainstorming sessions to identify if there is anything more that we can be doing when a province opens with strict quotas.

Our number 1 goal like yours is to get you to  Canada. We have to act with what is in our control – all applications wherein our customers have provided us with the documents and qualify for SINP were put forward for submission. We value your trust, and we will be right there to process your application when SINP opens again, hopefully this time for a larger batch.

Do Not Worry, You are One-step Closer To Your Goal!

We are very optimistic about the progress happening with SINP, this draw means that they are progressing and testing their PNP program to welcome larger numbers soon.

In the year 2017, the application intake under this sub-category was 3,200. Looking at how they have only taken 800 applications in total as of now, they must be in a phase of testing and this concludes that, the province of Saskatchewan is getting ready for the big haul.

If you look at the past statistics, Ontario followed exactly the same pattern before it started to open a solid quota of 7000. Since Saskatchewan is one of the highly popular PNPs among the immigrants as it doesn’t demand a job offer from the province, it is logical to believe that they will open soon (in few weeks, around July) with more occupations for a larger audience.

Prior to this selection, the province opened its Express Entry sub-category on January 2018 for the first time. A few months later, it opened yesterday and the application intake was again 400. However, this number is very less if the province is aiming to strengthen its economy in 2018 as per their plans.

On 8th January 2018, the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) released a survey report on the 2018 Saskatchewan economy. According to the survey, the provincial economy will take a higher momentum in this year as many leading economists will upgrade their growth prospects. This effort will make Saskatchewan one of the top 5 provinces to have an enormous provincial economic growth. And to boost the economic growth they will need skilled workers. As Canada is already facing the scarcity of skills in the labour market, they will turn around to invite more immigrants.


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