[Australia] SkillSelect Draw Results Are Out! The Number of Invitations ISSUED in November Were…

The Department of Home Affairs officially announced the results of the SkillSelect invitation round, held on 11th November 2018. In this round, 4350 invitations were issued to the Expression of Interest candidates.

According to the new rule, Invitation rounds of a Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) visas will be run once a month.

Invitation Distribution:

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) – 4340

Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) – 10

The cut-off scores were 70 points for subclass 189 and 80 points for subclass 489, no change from the previous month.

What Should You Understand?

As you can see, DHA has retained the total number of invitations to 4,350 in the past two rounds, which may be the largest in 2018. If this year, they continue to select a record number of applications, they may reach the quota sooner. That is why it is high time for us to prepare for the future draw rounds.

In our latest post, we mentioned how Australia is frequently changing the rules and making the process more rigid. Now the country is showing a keen interest in potentially moving all visas to temporary and making them a “Pathway to Permanent Residency” rather than granting instant Permanent Residency visas.

Whilst they are still issuing a large number of invitations for the instant Permanent Resident routes, let us utilise them!  If you are currently in the pool, it is the best time to be there! If not, we need to work hard and fast to make this happen.

In July 2018, like every year, DHA introduced many new laws and reformed the old ones. Among those, a major change was the age requirement: the minimum age was changed from 50 to 45.

New changes are expected for certain subclasses and occupations this July 1st 2019. If you are eligible today this could change in a matter of 7 months.  We have time now, so not to panic but let’s use the time wisely.


Permanent visas give you and your family a lot more stability and allow you to live and work in Australia indefinitely. They are also granted for 5 years and allow you to relocate any time within this timeframe. They give you access to free health care, education and after some time, benefits such as unemployment and housing.

Considering this fact that we are at a stage where each day matters and a sincere effort is needed to achieve your dream. Even though there was a time when Australia did not put brakes on giving out PR. But it is getting difficult with numerous reasons and factors.

Therefore, let’s start the process now, we can make it to Australia before they announce any more changes in the process. Wish to know more facts? Call Us to explore your opportunities to move to Australia.

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