South Australia is Accepting Applications Now

Announcement! South Australia is open now for the applicants under 491 and 190 categories. Therefore, we are busy lodging your applications in the SA Apply website for a state nomination. If you are eligible, rest assured, we are already working on your application.

The candidates need to have an Occupation that is listed in Supplementary Skilled List or in the State Occupation Nominated list. Please remember that both of these categories have a limited quota to fill. We need to act first!

Special conditions will be applicable to your profile if you meet all of the requirements under one of the following categories:

  • I am an international graduate of South Australia.

  • I have worked in a skilled occupation in South Australia for the last 12 months.

  • I have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia for 24 months or more.

  • I have high points (95 points)

However, a few offshore occupations will have criteria of 75 or 85 points. In addition, if you come under any of the two categories below, a minimum of 65 points is required (including state nomination points) for your application.

  • I am an international graduate of South Australia

  • I have worked in a skilled occupation in South Australia for the last 12 months

If you are thinking about migrating to South Australia, we encourage you to seek advice from us on how to get a nomination from SA. From July 2019, Immigration SA stopped accepting state nomination applications. We are very pleased that it has opened now, as we are approaching a new year. We hope that the nomination rounds will be frequent and SA may ease the requirements for many occupations. To check your eligibility, call your case manager now! 

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